How does a woman’s body change after sex?

There has always been a great deal of speculation regarding the alterations that occur in a woman’s body once she loses her virginity and indulges in sexual intercourse on a regular basis. The debate between gynaecologists on either side of the fence is still on and until now, a conclusion hasn’t been reached, upon which both the parties agree.

Sex has no effect on the outer part of a woman's body:

A school of thought led predominantly by a few gynaecologists followed by other health specialists strongly believe that a woman’s breasts grow larger followed by widening of the hips because of aging and attaining puberty. As women grow older, they tend to indulge in sexual intercourse and the two very different events aren’t interrelated or affect each other in any way.

In a humorous take, this group also claims that the dimensions of a woman’s body changes after engaging in sexual intercourse only if she gets pregnant. However, this group also believes that even though there are no visible outwardly changes which occur because a girl is having sex, internally, she is bound to face a few good changes like the release of happy hormones which suppress the stress ones.

Having sex affects your body in more than one way:

Another group of specialists and doctors believe otherwise and claim sexual relations and breaking of the hymen does have certain implications on the changes that occur in a woman’s body. Some changes which occur internally include sore breasts and hormonal changes which can be good or bad and irregular periods (this could also be a result of birth control). A slight amount of discomfort around the vaginal area can also be attributed to having sex on a regular basis because before/during sex, the vaginal area gets lubricated too much resulting in partial dryness after the intercourse.

Apart from an increasing heart rate, release of bodily fluids and hormonal secretions, there are a few ways your body might change post loss of virginity:

Your breasts become firmer and temporarily bigger

You will notice this change soon after as your bras might seem tighter than before and your breasts jiggle lesser. According to a particular study, your breast size goes up by 25% percent after sex. However, this figure differs from case to case depending on the original size and arousal levels.
There is nothing to worry about because in most cases, the breast size drops back to normal in a short span of a few days.

Your nipples are, all of a sudden, more sensitive

These erogenous zones are one of your biggest assets as they help in heightening arousal levels. However, after sex, your nipples are more sore and tingly than ever and in almost all cases, the sensitivity of your nipples increase a lot.
This happens because as a result of having more sex, the blood flow is directed more towards your nipple which is coupled with the muscular tension in areas surrounding the nipple helps in making them harder than before. This process is called vasocongestion and might cause goosebumps which in rare cases, are sufficient for an orgasm.
However, because your nipples are more sensitive than before, they get erect at any erotic thought or a mere touch.

A more flexible vaginal region

Before engaging in intercourse for the first time, your vaginal walls and clitoris were pretty uptight due to less activity around that region. However, because of increased activity, every time you have sex thereafter, your clitoris swells up during foreplay which leads to expanded vaginal walls. This ensures a less painful and more enjoyable intercourse for the woman.
Thus, after sex your vagina becomes more elastic while your clitoris learns to respond better.

Perception of a better body

There are chances that your body might be exactly the same as before but you feel like that it has magically transformed and looks way better than it did. You start appreciating your curves and the different parts. Despite very negligible physical changes, you experience this euphoria because after sex, your body releases a number of happy and positive hormones like endorphins and serotonins which help you view your body in a completely different way.
Having sex also releases anti-stress hormones which helps you mind think in a more calm and confident manner.

Classic PMS symptoms

In some cases, women have been found experiencing the classic PMS symptoms after sex. The body starts retaining more water which is why you feel bloated and the breasts feel sore as an after-effect (this can be due to too much focus on the twins during foreplay). Some women have also reported to feel nauseous and giddy after having sex. These are temporary signs which wear away with time.
However, if any of these persist, it is advisable to go to a gynaecologist as the signs might be an indication of something more serious.

Women are complicated; and it can truly take a lifetime to understand what the experience being a woman is really like. Surely not an easy task.

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