Social media has revolutionized our lives, irrespective of country, generation and culture. It has influenced all of us, in one way or the other. The question however is; is it good or bad? Do I eve....

Early morning a friend of mine said something that made me ask him if he was drunk or high on coke. He responded jokingly - coke is so last century.. I wonder what the drug of choice is these days fo....

Cocaine is so last century!

February 1, 2016

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The Guardian Deities of Tamil Nadu- lesser know deities of Hinduism

Wow. You have done good background work to collect these details. Good write up in the area which is usually over looked by non tamils who visit tamilnadu.

Dealing with the Empty Nest Syndrome

Very beautifully written! We all go through similar emotions when our kids move out . The degree of missing them varies depending on the bond between the parents and the children. It is surely wise to cherish the new found free time by keeping oneself occupied with ones long lost hobbies and more quality time between the parents. Maybe give more time to ones aging parents who too must be missing us ! Meditation and Yoga does the magic trick too !

Sujata Bajaj – an artist metamorphosing from the global to the glocal

Very well painted Portrait of a very Significant International Artist! Congratulations!!

Dreams of the Middle class Mother

The writer 🤓🤓

How to better Personal Management- lessons from the Mahabharata

Wow..excellent very well articulated, the comparison between Mahabharata and Sunil is really very interesting. Several lessons can be learnt from your write-up.