My first job was working in a highly-stressful editorial office of a leading English daily, in which we had to produce four editions of the broadsheet in eight hours. With the amount of news pouring i....

For women it is important to work on a leadership presence (gravitas), and at the same time not to overdo this to the extent of being perceived as a threat. Gravitas can be defined as dignified presen....

In the cut-throat corporate world, confidence is often mistakenly equated with competence. It has been observed that men who exude confidence and charisma are more likely to be selected for positions ....

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Indian English – journey from slums of Kolkata to the heights of fame

Very nice article indeed.. shows the other side of the colonial remnant

Trinidad and Tobago-Trapped in a rare Caribbean rhapsody

Wonderful!!! Keep traveling and keep writing. Cheers

Konkona Sensharma- Direction is surprisingly liberating for me

I greatly admire Konkona, the actor. Looking forward to her directorial debut!

Have you ever experienced an Iftaar before?

Unfortunately, I never been to any 'Iftaar' party. But your post introduce me some of the rituals of 'iftaar'.

Trinidad and Tobago-Trapped in a rare Caribbean rhapsody

Thank you for your refreshing account of your visit to my country. Glad to know you were able to visit some of the lovely sites we have to offer and to try our dishes.