The ultimate talent boost shot- Finding the right teacher

Nothing can be more stimulating and necessary for the growth of your talent than a teacher who nurtures it! Teachers show you that you have more to offer than you ever thought. They give direction and help you tame your dragons within.

If you want to boost your talent - Become a student! Teacher talent goes hand in hand.

I am blessed with some wonderful teachers. Today I would like to introduce you to two of them. One is Jan de Dreu. His talent is 'teaching'. That is perfect for me! For the past ten years he has supported and taught me to discover the secrets of 'working with talent’. The good thing is that these skills apply to me too. This wonderful teacher has helped again and again to bring the chaos of my life back to its central theme: my talent. Thereafter the next steps become so amazingly simple.

What's the take away Lesson?

I need a right teacher to harness my potential and give it a direction.

In a completely different way, my talent benefits from the valuable input of my second teacher, my clarinet teacher, Michel Marang. His skill set is 'performing'. His lessons are all about performing.

Michel teaches me that entertaining my audience requires more than 'making music'. How do I reach out to my listeners when my fingers are shaking and I am all nervous? Unaffected by my dragons’ resistance, he makes me do things that seemed impossible. It’s amazing how good it often turns out to be.

Teaching and performing are the two aspects I am fine tuning and trying to excel at with the help of my teachers.

Get a teacher/guide , you become a student

So in the interest of your talent, ask someone to be your teacher. Keep to a specific topic as you are then able to learn the most. You dig deeper. The topic could be recognizing the true talent in you. Or your learning objective for the year, a project that you want to achieve, a skill you wish to develop etc.

Make certain concrete agreements with your teacher
If your aim is to learn as much as possible, it is wise to make agreements with your teacher about:
a) Your learning goal
b) The time frame
c) The means of communication
d) The fees. ……………………..all comes at price

Then, just surrender yourself as a student. In conclusion I can only reiterate how important it is to nurture and develop the talent within. To recognize the potential and give it the required opportunity.

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    Yvette van Dok worked for 15 years in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In 2003, she returned to the Netherlands and started her company Co-Motion Consult, (www.co-motionconsult.nl) focusing on talent and business development. In collaboration with Karen Kammeraat she launched the Brilliant Entrepreneur program, www.brilliantentrepreneur.net


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