Travelling solo: the best gift to give yourself

“Through travel I first became aware of the outside world; it was through travel that I found my own introspective way into becoming a part of it.” Eudora Welty

With a steep rise in the number of solo trips booked across the world, one can safely conclude that some journeys are meant to be embarked upon alone. However, it is quite strange to imagine yourself in a foreign location without a friend/family member and still able to create new, ever-lasting memories; you too will find your footing. While travelling solo just remember, you never travel alone; the world is full of friends waiting to know you.

While exploring a new destination with your loved ones is always a good idea, it hardly leaves you time for soul-searching or self-discovery. To rekindle the lost love towards yourself and get your head cleared of the million things, a trip all by yourself is the perfect solution. Apart from learning about yourself, your life will also be altered in the most marvelous ways you never imagined.

Listed below are a few ways travelling solo alters you as a person:

Rely on only yourself

For our day-to-day tasks, we often rely on the services, advices, suggestions and orders of other people. But, when everyone is unknown to you in an alien land, you will learn to be your person. Navigating through airports, managing an alternate currency, figuring out routes, asking for directions from strangers who hardly speak the same language, might seem daunting at first but as time passes by, you will start wondering why you depended on the other person at the first place? Relying on your own self gives a sense of liberation and helps you let go of inhibitions and these developments are very helpful if applied in one’s professional life.

You learn to disconnect

In a world full brimming with latest technology and social media platforms coming up by the day, one usually forgets about the power of disconnecting. However, when you’re all by yourself and start enjoying your own company, you will progressively try to take longer breaks from social media in order to invest time into better things. Spans of disconnection from the people you usually interact with also open up a whole new world of possibilities of meeting new people, making new friends and appreciating people and their culture better. In the long run, it also makes a person more empathetic and extroverted which are the two most beautiful traits your travel could gift you.

Introspection is the best takeaway

The mountainous view is definitely a breathtaking one for introspection; however, one can sit in the silence of their hotel room and discover everything there is to. Often we express regret over missing out things or are unhappy because we are not doing well, according to ourselves. These negativities are a major cause for failure, depression and cynicism and can be battled only when pondered over. While brooding over your problems with a fresher perspective and no one around to disturb you, you are bound to come up with solutions. These solutions will bring you closer to your potential and inner creative self which was formerly lost out on.

You discover more about yourself

Even though you are the person you are supposed to know best, you often forget what you actually like and what you don’t. A trip without people to influence your decisions is the perfect time for being honest to yourself and making lists of the things and activities you actually enjoy. It is also important to simultaneously make a list of things you don’t like doing because the number of excuses you’ve made to get out of those activities are sure to amaze you.
Once you are back with a more comprehensive and fresher understanding of yourself, you will want to devote more time in pursuing only those activities which make you feel content and happier.

You realise how strong you actually are

Travelling alone is not the easiest thing as there is no one to chaperone you or simply be there with you when something goes wrong. There will be times when you cannot figure things out by yourself and end up crying and cursing yourself and calling the trip “a bad idea”. But, when you’re out of the momentary loneliness, you will be amazed by how much you are able to handle all by yourself. Miles away from your comfort zone, the amount of hurdles you overcame and the number of problems you didn’t need anyone’s advice for definitely makes you a badass who doesn’t need anyone’s help to make her/his own decisions. Thus, a simple trip aids in making you more resilient and flexible while you recognise the strength you thought you never had.

Travelling alone is the best for of self expression as it opens up a world of opportunities and possibilities and the numbers of emotions you deal with throughout your trip contribute to making you a stronger person. The new person who comes back from the trip is now more in touch with themselves and in love with the unseen corners of the world.
So, what are you waiting for? The time to book tickets and let the travel bug bite you is now!

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