Do You Struggle with Personal Style?

Personal style can feel like a struggle for many women. You are not alone!

In fact, you’re smart and capable. You might think you shouldn’t even feel a need to focus on your style. You may also feel like it’s time to create a style of your own, but you don’t know where to begin.

This is totally normal.

When I tell people I’m a Personal Style Coach, they often offer up all the reasons why this is a challenging area in their lives. I’m not a priest, but it does sometimes feel like confessional!

The most common issues for women are the desire to be comfortable, concerns about body size and time.

All of these issues are solvable.

In fact, I recently injured my knee and I came up against each one of these issues myself. Even for me, as a professional, I had to overcome each and every one. It reminded me how much is possible, but also how difficult these issues feel.

Let’s tackle each one so you can learn how these obstacles might be getting in your way!


Many women cite comfort as the reason they cannot embrace personal style. I get it -- style can feel like a huge effort and polished looks are often tailored and tight. However, it is absolutely possible to mix comfort and great personal style, especially in this era of the sneaker! Sneakers can be worn with almost anything these days. It's a signal you're on the move!

In fact, currently, I'm almost exclusively wearing sneakers. With my knee injury, I need to be solid on the ground. I love the idea of slip-ons for ease, but I feel the need for laces to feel the shoes are solidly on my feet. While I'm all about safety, my sneakers are seriously cute!

You can feel beautiful without pain.

Would you be surprised to know that Chanel got her start designing comfortable dresses for the modern woman?

Chanel invented jersey for a reason: she was a busy, ambitious woman on the move. She wanted to look and feel great without sacrificing one iota of style. You are, too!


Many women cite body size as the reason they cannot embrace personal style. I get it — it can often feel like fashion is geared only to those who look like Barbie. However, it is absolutely possible to embrace your personal style regardless of your body size.

Why? Because when you create a personal style you love, you make feeling good about how you look your everyday reality. Yes — you read that right.

No matter what size your body is, you can feel good in your clothing every day. I promise!

You can feel beautiful at any size.

Would you be surprised to know that in my process for personal style, your size is just data we collect along with many other data points?

It’s not a barrier; it’s just an element. You can find great pieces in your size once you know what you’re seeking and where to look. It’s true that there is more on offer for women in the middle size range — but more choices can actually be an issue itself!

No matter how little time you have, style is possible for you. In fact, it can take only 5 minutes a day!


Many women cite time as the reason they cannot engage with their personal style. I get it. Women disproportionately shoulder domestic duties, care-giving and often are engaged in full- or part-time paid work on top of it all.

It can feel like personal style is impossible. Shopping, organizing, spending money on things that don’t fit or feed good. Who needs it?

The truth is — everyone does. Everyone gets dressed every day. Why not make it work for you?

Think of your education. You invested time up-front with the expectation of a return. Style is the same way. Like education, it can help lift you from the grind into a life you enjoy.

How? Because when you create a personal style that showcases the amazing things you offer the world, you begin to remind yourself and others you were put on this planet for a reason – and it likely was not to load and unload the dishwasher!

You can feel beautiful and confident no matter how time-crunched.
Would you be surprised to know that creating your personal style can actually save you time?

Getting dressed becomes easier, your weekly laundry becomes easier, shopping becomes easier, packing becomes easier, saying yes to opportunities becomes easier — as does saying no to things that drain your energy.


As my Mother loved to say, “Rome was not built in a day.” You’re not going to conquer these issues immediately — and that’s okay. For now, the question is which of these blocks resonates with you? Once you know the answer to this question, try to observe what you’re telling yourself about style. Then, imagine how it would feel like to have an easy, identifiable personal style you love. It is possible for everyone — why not you?

  • Written byAllison Hamilton-Rohe

    Allison Hamilton-Rohe is a Personal Style Coach who helps you define your true beauty and translate it into a personal style you can inhabit with ease. To receive your Personal Style Starter Series, check out her site www.dailyoutfit.com or follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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