Stepping out of the comfort zone and following my intuition

Britta van Arman,

Stepping out of the comfort zone and following my  intuition- My personal journey to creating my dream life

After meeting my partner in 2000, I was commuting between Frankfurt and Amsterdam for two long years. Long distance relationships are complicated and with a small budget and demanding jobs hard to maintain! We have gone through quite some emotional pain but breaking up was not the solution. Two years later we were ready to take the next step!

Even though I had a secure career working for one of the largest PCO’s (Professional conference organizer) in Germany at that time, having a nice home, the car I dreamt of, a bunch of really close friends and family, I was the one leaving all behind to start from scratch. I never regretted the decision, but let me tell you – it was not easy!

Following my heart – following my intuition

Have you ever taken an irrational decision to start a new, unpredictable path in life? Leaving all the known and comfortable factors behind? Taking the risk to fail? Well, that’s what I did and even though it was tough, it allowed me to grow and expand my horizon. I decided to step out of my comfort zone as I did not want to look back in life regretting that I missed an opportunity. I felt that I needed to follow my heart! No matter what others said or what it would take! My intuition told me it was the right thing to do!

So I did it! After finding a job in Amsterdam I started organizing my move to enter the adventure!

Embracing challenges

I started working for an international association organizing events, planning exhibitions & sponsorship. Caused by my rusty English, I could not present myself as professional and authentic as I used to in Germany!

With BOV Amsterdam members-all female entrepreneurs

I wasn’t myself anymore! I became shy all of a sudden, turned into an introvert, had lost my sense of humor and was often enough misunderstood or even ignored. At least that’s how I felt! Finding friends was therefore also not easy – something I was not used to – and it felt lonely at times. In conversations I was searching for the right words to express my thoughts, my ideas, concerns and emotions or tell a simple story. But luckily this was temporarily so that I could move on with my career and social life.

Never ever give up! Persistence pays off

Still working for the same organization I moved on to managing the membership department, followed by doing business analysis and developing new initiatives aiming to connect their industry to the new ecosystems and startups around the world. Very exciting! Until, after almost 15 years, I took another impactful decision and resigned from the job. Ever since I consult only on part-time basis on the startup projects.

Following my secret passion

But why did I give up my job? For what? Sounds like I had great opportunities to grow within the organization! Yes, that is absolutely right and I am also very grateful for that! Working hard, being engaged and thinking creatively paid off and the management offered me new challenges during all these years to facilitate my personal growth. But still, I needed to explore a passion I felt deep inside ever since my childhood. I could not ignore this any longer! The urge to look at spatial planning differently took over! Focusing on the energy levels of a space to help create more comforting and supportive spaces – that’s what I wanted to do!

With my family

Developing new skills

During all those years in my job, I had started that journey already by studying Interior Design and Feng Shui in the little free time I had. We had already two children by that time and therefore whatever I wanted to do needed to be flexible, remotely and/or in the weekends. For many years, I spent every spare minute on online studies and weekend courses which lead me to holding Diploma’s and Certificates in interior Design, Feng Shui and Chakra & Aura Healing.

The wish to get out of the corporate circuit and following my passion meant I needed to embrace doing something completely different, something not as rational and analytic as the tasks I fulfilled during my entire career! Well, not completely true, but how can people know? That’s probably the reason many of them still think I am crazy following a ‘hippie’ path!

Ignoring external voices

New age crap, hippie shit, superstition… I heard it all – and sometimes I still do. It did hold me back for some time actually. Too long! Listening to the negative perception of others, knowing that I am not fulfilling expectations by breaking out of the norm was a huge challenge for me. And the struggle with the internal negative voice is never really ending.

Expanding a mindful lifestyle

I have noticed that many women started living a mindful lifestyle in their search for more balance since life became so much faster, more demanding and hectic. Yoga, meditation, sports, eating healthy and spending time in nature – all to be more balanced, happy, healthy, more productive and successful!

But one aspect most of them actually forget is their environment, their very own home which should support all their efforts of creating a balanced body & mind for happier living! But often enough, the home or office is actually one of the reasons they feel drained and can never achieve the state they are aiming for.

Formulating my mission

So I decided to help professional women to create a balanced and supportive home so that they can focus on creating the life they want. For this I am applying my Feng Shui knowledge paired with healing techniques.

I want to support the empowerment of women in our masculine, yang society (to speak in Feng Shui terms). Our society lacks the female, yin aspect of life which is about mindset, emotions, knowledge, sharing, caring and nurturing. Empowering women will create balance between the yin & yang aspects of life!

Over the last 12 months I created a new website, updated and launched my free e-book, started using social media (daring to show myself) and ran several workshops. I also became pioneer for a group of female entrepreneurs, the Amsterdam chapter of ‘Bewust Ondernemende Vrouwen’ (BOV Amsterdam).
I continued to consult my former employer on part-time basis on the startup projects while building up my own business. The combination is challenging at times, but I feel that I am getting closer and closer to living my dream life!

I am motivated and inspired and I hope that my story inspires others to stand up for themselves.

Follow your heart, learn the skills you need to build the life of your dreams and shine your brightest light!

  • Britta van Arman, is a German and lives in Amsterdam since 2002. She is married to an American and the couple have two lovely children - a boy age 14 and a girl age 9. Read more about Britta and the services she offers www.livingchi.nl, follow her on social media. LinkedIn


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    Runner’s world -welcome to health positivism and a fitter you

    So inspired by your words. Everyday I decide that I shall work towards a fitter me but alas not happening,hopefully I can take the plunge soon. Thank you for the inspiration

    Runner’s world -welcome to health positivism and a fitter you

    Engrossing, heartfelt and inspiring till the end

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    Is it ethical to use Social media in the Recruitment Process

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