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Whilst you can enjoy a number of things on a couple’s night out, couples night in is a lesser explored but more comfortable way to rekindle the spark in your relationship. By simply staying at home, the two of you can spend quality time without spending big bucks. Couples night in doesn’t have to stick to a boring routine of watching a room-com and snuggling in bed. Instead, you can choose to do the fun things mentioned below in order to spice things up in your relationship.

Game night in

A game night brings out the competitive streak in your partner and you whilst indulging in a number of fun games which keep the two of you engaged. While the games you choose can range from simple card games to the super competitive monopoly to raunchy ones like strip dice. Make sure to keep things happening and fun by introducing more than just one type of game and keeping monotony at bay. You can go the traditional route and play mentally challenging games like chess or scrabble as well.

A few suggested games for couples: Fantasy bowl, twister, sexy dice and newlyweds.

Karaoke nights

If you love music and karaoke but clubbing and mingling with dense crowds isn’t your scene, you can always recreate karaoke at home for the two of you. The simplest option is to download the lyrics off YouTube and keep the song on mute. However, a number of karaoke apps available on Android and iOS are the perfect solution to your problem as they are both filled with amazing lyrics and allow slight amount of competition and scorekeeping; a few of them being Sing!Karaoke and Karaoke Rush. To jazz up the night more and add a more musical feel to it, introduce a microphone, speakers and keep some munchies and alcohol for the two of you to sip on after a long singing bout.

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A massage away from a relaxed mood

To receive or give a great massage, you do not need to shell out big bucks at a parlour. All you need is a YouTube tutorial, a comfortable spot for your partner to lie down and aromatherapy oils. A massage can be of various types depending upon how you want the rest of the night to go- it can be a seductive one or light massage for him/her to relax.
A massage is a great bonding experience as the proximity between your partner and you is intimate and allows the couple to spend quality time together.

Chocolate tasting

Ditch the classic but old wine and cheese tasting for something more upbeat and yummier- chocolate. Chocolate comes in various flavours and variants and can be easily sourced. Starting with innocent methods of tasting like nibbling of the same piece to pouring melted chocolate over yourself for your partner to lick off is a really raunchy yet sexy act to spruce up your date night in. If you do not want to graduate to the bolder options, it is perfectly fine as chocolate is a great aphrodisiac and is sure to relax and loosen up your mood for the rest of the date.

Theme night

Pick a theme and stick to it for the rest of the night in terms of food, clothing and decoration. This can be particularly fun as you get to explore newer cultures, cuisines and apparel options with your partner. The themes you choose can be anything ranging from your favourite movie such as Harry Potter to a city you recently visited like London.

Couple’s speak: For a date night in, we selected the theme as Cuba and were both dressed in Havana nights costumes. The spread that night included Cuban delicacies like medianoche, cubano and shrimp empanadas whilst the music was strictly limited to Orishas and other popular Cuban dance numbers. It was a blast as we lived the Cuban culture in our living rooms while spending a good six hours with each other.
(Alisha Patriwala, 25 and Jehan Patriwala, 26)

Camp –in cocktail night

Convert your living room or backyard into a campsite by setting up tents or simply creating decent looking ones out of unused bed sheets. Lay cozy pillows on the floor for your partner and you to sit and make it more authentic by adding flashlights and a bonfire. To add more excitement to the date, add mixing and creating your own cocktails. Some easy cocktails you can make are sangria, mojito, pinacoalda and devil’s own. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavours and spirits as it enhances the bonding experience further.

Some other simple but common ideas you can try out are a movie marathon, roleplay, making your scrapbook together, cooking a scrumptious three-course meal and enjoying candle light pizza night. Date night in is a great way to bond with your partner and know him/her better without having to spend a fortune. It is also a sure shot way to rekindle lost romance in your most intimate space- your home.

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