She exists she always did: The Third Gender

There it was, the lipstick she was looking for. The bright red lipstick that was the final touch to her glamorous look, and wow, she looked beautiful!

Her almond shaped eyes, dark brown hair, and slim long body draped in a pink saree, it all complimented her bold features. She took one last look at herself in the blurry-dirty mirror, and then she left for work.

It was 12 in the night, perfect time to settle in at her spot, meet her friends and get ready for a long night. Her first customer came around 2 a.m. The long wait had made her angsty. She quickly striked a pose and smiled as the car slowed down by the side of the road. There was a guy inside the black Maruti Suzuki Swift. He was fair, had no facial hair, and well gelled stiff black hair. His black t shirt complimented his well built body. As she entered his car she noticed his long legs. It was rare for her to get such handsome customers.

Although she was gorgeous, not many good looking men stopped by her corner. From the car’s window she tried to look for her friends to brag about this handsome man in black but they all had left for work and the street was empty.

He didn’t say much and kept driving, she started talking about the night and the weather. Then finally feeling stupid about the way she was acting, she decided to act professional and told him, “I charge 2000 per hour, extra 500 for an entire night. The price is fixed and I don’t want to waste time bargaining. You don’t have to drop me back, I’ll find my way. I’ll do anything in bed except for the few tricks that are painful, I hope you understand what I’m talking about. If not, let me explain. “

“I understand. “ he said, and then he swiftly looked her way and smiled. She was so infatuated by that dashing smile that she forgot herself the entire way. Like a high school girl with a crush she kept staring at him. She didn’t pay attention to where he was taking her. The car jerked real hard and she was pulled out of her daze. “Where are we? “she asked looking at the barren kand around her. “Almost there. “he said. She wanted to panic but he didn’t look like the kind of men that would hurt her.

A few minutes later he pulled the car over in the middle of nowhere. He got out. She followed. In front of the cars headlights he pulled her by the waist and started kissing her, touching her, and caressing her bit by bit. She was living her dream for a minute. But then she realized that there were more than two hands feeling her. She panicked and pushed him. There were three other men around her. There faces were unclear as the headlights could only give so much light.

She said, “Hey, I don’t do these group things. “But they didn’t care. They were smirking and touching her. She marked sharply, “I said stop!“ And quickly looked at her knight in shinning armor for help. He had his phone out and was recording the event. In this instance she started freaking out. She started pushing their hands away from her body. But they were groping her, groping her harder and harder. One of them got hold of her tit, the pinched her nipple. One grabbed her from below, and her work in progress body, her tied up dick hurt as he pulled it down. The other had already forced himself in her from behind. It all happened in a flash of a second and she screamed in pain.

The one behind her got aggressive and pushed her down. He was forceful and large. Her prince was now inside her mouth, ordering her to suck. While one bit her on her breast. She could feel herself bleed, she could feel herself wet. But it was unclear where she was bleeding from or where it was hurting the most.

She screamed for the next four hours as they ravished her, forced her and entered her like she meant nothing but flesh. They took turns, they went at it once, they recorded they laughed, they true cheap alcohol on her and scratched it off of her skin.

She screamed. She screamed not for help but out of pain. She yelled from the horror of the event. Her heart broke and so much else tore to pieces by the animals. She forgot she could ask for help. Maybe because who would help her where she was.

She woke up in a hospital a few days later, her friend by her side. When she saw her friend, she broke down in tears, screamed and yelled, as though her wailing was a language that was telling a terrible story! Her friend hugged her and comforted her.

“We have to get her justice.” Her community leader told the police officer. She gave the police all the information. The men, how the looked, the car came in, where she was found, the hospital reports, they even told them the gory details of the rape.
“She was raped and left to die. Luckily she was found. “

“She wasn’t raped. She, eh, I mean he, a chakka(transgender). Why would anyone be interested?! He is neither a man nor a woman. What would the report even say? What would the gender be marked as? You can take these fake stories and leave. We have important things to do here instead of waste time with people like you. Now move! These abominable creatures. Disgusting! “.

The police officer threw them out without a second thought. The community fought for another month, tried their best to get the polices help. Tried figuring it out themselves. But they didn’t have any proper leads and were helpless. This was before the #MeToo movement of course. Not many people interested in a transgender rape case.

Meanwhile she, the third gender. Forgotten and uncared for. Shunned by religion, disgusting the narrow minded people of society, rarely having any help or support. Would you listen to her? Help her? Listen to her Me Too stories?! Understand how her heart broke when a guy she assumed was nice broke her trust? Was she to be treated this way because she was a sex worker? Is rape justified if done to a prostitute.

It was her fault to trust a man just based in his looks. It was silly of her to think he was interested in her. How stupid that she thought her gender would ever be considered or accepted. Or that anyone would ever like her. Mad girl, right? Wrong! The third gender exists. Even if you don’t acknowledge it. And when did you gain to authority to acknowledge or ignore an entire community? #MeToo stories or the LGBTQ rainbow filter isn’t just another fleeting trend on social media. Food for thought.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. I know there are people who are different from the ones her community met in the police station, or the ones who ignored their pleas. Speak up people, you need to be heard, She needs to be heard!

  • Written bySabah Batul

    Sabah Batul is a journalism student currently living in Bangalore. Her journey as a writer began in her English class as she was forced to write an essay. Soon she fell in love with writing and deeply enjoyed birthing characters and stories through the tip of her pen. Sabah also enjoys writing poetry to make sense of the chaos around her. Her Instagram @sabah_on_paper is a raw description of her deepest thoughts. Apart from writing she is a proud Potter head, who claims to be the lost Winchester sister and is also supporting Tyrion Lannister to sit on the Iron Throne next.


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    Runner’s world -welcome to health positivism and a fitter you

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