Secrets of Natural Stones- Get back to work and stay inspired

Vacation - this is one of the sweetest and desired periods in our life. The very word as its coined brings to mind the brightest pictures and find memories of some good times. Happily we start our vacations, but… we become sad when vacation is over and we have to go back to work.

Back to Work- The long summer lazy days are slowly ending, depending on where you stay though but for most in the European continent it’s that period of the year when rain and drizzle, falling leaves and the golden brown hues make it very clear fall is here and winter is soon to follow. Time to gear up for some busy times, long work days, shorter daylight periods and chill nippy mornings and very cold evenings. It’s not always easy to transition from the summer to the Autumn the lack of daylight is enough to impact your otherwise buoyant mood. Some of us are effected more than the others but I think for most of us bidding adieu to summer is a bit nostalgic.

There is a lot written, and many advice are given by psychologists and HR specialists on this topic. But I decided to give you some easy but effective steps how to go through the period of your “summertime sadness” and to switch easily from your vacation mood and stay present at the moment on your work.

1. Bring something back for keeps - The easiest thing that works is to bring something small but bright from your vacation with you to your working place. It can be an interesting souvenirs that you bought but you could also buy a new notebook or pencil… It doesn’t matter what it is. But it will remind you that you’ve been there, you had a good time there and you are relaxed and full of renewed energy to carry you one till next vacation.

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2. The second thing is – sounds! They always help us to renew our conditions, the mood of that moment where we were listening to those sounds. You can listen to music, sounds of nature or some other sounds that you were listening during your vacation, while you are on your way to work, and when you go back home. During your lunch. Try it. You will find that your emotional feelings are much more better than before.

3. One of my favourite secrets – how to help myself to go back to work easily – is connection with the scent. I’ll tell you about my lifehack. When I go on vacation, I buy new perfume. I do it on my way to the place where I’ll stay during my vacation. It can be duty free shop at the airport or shop on my way to the place where I’ll stay. And during my vacation I use only the new fragrance. You can try it and you’ll see that it works unbelievably fast, strong and active! After I come back from vacation, I put this perfume in my work table, and in the moments of low energy I use it. And the magic happens immediately! Trust me!

Olga's creation

Natural stones help us always in situations that we even can not expect.
Let’s talk about post-vacation recovery, how to concentrate, stay in the moment, and cheer up.


Purifies and neutralizes internal conflicts and negative thoughts turning them into positive and useful energies.
Is an excellent grounding crystal, used to balance the Base or Root Chakra, that is the foundation of spiritual and physical strength for the body.


Protective stone, it absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and the body.
Stone of travelers, Malachite assists you to overcome the fear of changing or transforming.
Gives resistance to the emotional protection and heals emotional abuse, fighting sadness and anxiety.


One of the most gentle and warm touches on Heart that you can experience, it brings intense comfort and relaxation.

If you need a quiet place to heal your energetic and emotional condition, Dioptase is your shelter.
As purify crystal Dioptase can help to free your energy from what that not long serves you and to change the dynamics of them.

All we need is stay connected with people around you and us. Live actively every moment, not passively.

  • Written byOlga Iakymovych

    Olga. Founder & Creative Director at O’Gem Jewelry She helps to emphasize the special style of self-confident women who are ready for additional attention to their personality. O’Gem jewelry is handcrafted and one of a kind. Made from natural raw stones and jewelry clay. The energy of natural stones has been interesting to me since childhood, and now I am ready to share information with women who want more than they know or have.”


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    Runner’s world -welcome to health positivism and a fitter you

    Engrossing, heartfelt and inspiring till the end

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    Is it ethical to use Social media in the Recruitment Process

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