Savory desserts- The perfect balance of sugar and salt

Savory is anything one eats to clean their palette and is usually salty and/or spicy whereas a dessert a sweet food item which is a conclusion to a meal. However, the newest trend in the world of gastronomy is to incorporate savory elements into quintessentially sweet dishes. This experimentation by the world’s best pastry chefs involves using typically piquant savory ingredients to make the dessert or modify the flavor.

Savory desserts is an exciting concept where one creates new and delicious flavors which are a combination of sweet, spicy and sour. However, it isn’t a brand new concept as we’ve been using vegetables like carrots, beets and zucchinis in cakes and desserts for quite some time now.

While no single reason can justify the popularity of these savory desserts, it is pretty clear why the trend has become so popular. From donut burgers to chili ice creams, millennials all over the world are embracing this trend. Bacon, salt and pepper, olive oil, basil and thyme are a few popular ingredients and have the power to make almost everything taste better. The curiously offbeat dishes sound intriguing enough to pique the interest of connoisseurs and foodies across the world

Listed below are a few of our favorite savory desserts:

Cheese and jalapeños ice cream

Cheese and jalapeños make a classic pair and taste heavenly when infused into an ice cream. It might sound a little wacky but the spiciness from the pepper is a perfect foil to the creamy and soft cheese and every bite of this dessert is guaranteed to transport you to food paradise. This dessert is an easy one to whip up and one scoop is never enough.

Chocolate and Brie Panini

Who would have thought of strong flavours like dark/milk chocolate paired with brie cheese featuring in a Panini.

Chocolate and Brie Panini image credits; twopeasandtheirpod.com

This delicious amalgamation of flavours into the loved Panini is the perfect dessert to have after a light meal.
A chocolate Panini with a glass of red wine also makes for a great meal or a midnight snack.

Dark chocolate olive oil cake

This scrumptious looking chocolate cake is softer and gooier than your usual chocolate cake. The smooth cake with berries and ginger is very rich, chocolaty and moist and screaming of fruit flavours. To make this dish, you can replace olive oil for an oil of your choice like coconut oil or avocado oil.
Even though the addition of the savoury item, olive oil, makes the dish way more nutritious and delicious, it also imparts a slimy texture which most people might not be a fan of.

Monkey Bread image credit; barbarabakes.com

Monkey bread

Monkey bread which originated in America is soon becoming one of the most loved midnight treats. It is named so because in order to eat this bread, you have to pull out tiny pieces with your fingers like a monkey. It is definitely a great idea to ditch the ham and cheese sandwich and go for this delight which is meaty, cheese and can be pulled apart with ease. The big loaf of monkey bread can be accentuated to taste better by adding pecans or nuts of any kind and cinnamon. Also known as the Hungarian coffee cake or the sticky cake, this delicacy is sure to be star of your brunch.

Salmon Macaroons image credit; thirstyfortea.com

Smoked salmon macaroons

To think of a French classic like macaroon paired with a fatty fish might seem blasphemous but this savoury dessert is only gaining ground across the world because of the unique flavour pairing and exceptional taste. These macaroons are nutritious and perfect for people who aren’t a big fan of too much sugar. These macaroons are perfect for a perfect fancy meal or as an accompaniment to your tea. Adding herbs like chives and dill helps accentuate the flavour of the macaroons.

Salt Sea Cookies

Sea salt cookies

A chocolaty, chewy sea salt cookie is probably one of the best savoury desserts there is. It is indulgent, delicious and is a perfect midnight snack and goes well with most hot beverages as well. To add more flavour to the cookies, you can enhance the flavour with orange segments, mint, and an assortment of herbs, caramel and chilli.
Pastry hero and blogger Dorie Greenspan believes in using local butter and hand-harvested French sea salt to add flavour and authenticity to the cookies. “I love that this cookie is both elegant and munchable—a great combo.”- Greenspan

Sriracha Lollipops

Chinese cuisine would have been bland without the addition of the heavenly tasting sriracha sauce. However, the spicy Sriracha made of chilli, vinegar, sugar and salt has become an experimental ingredient to create dishes which do not belong to the Chinese cuisine as well. to appeal to your spice-loving side, create these wonderful tasting Sriracha lollipops which work as wonderful guilty treats and wacky party finger food.

Finally it all boils down to getting the right balance of salt, sugar and a whole lot of imagination sprinkled generously to tease the palate
We do hope you now have some great and off-beat options to serve to your guests for the next party!

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