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Nadja Muller-den Blijker, from Austria is a Certified Co-Active® Coach, helps in conflict resolution and is a peacemaker. She has 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Her passion is to make peace. She tells the story how her startup is exactly working towards that.

Talking about herself Nadia explains, “I care deeply about people. I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur and professional. My values revolve around honesty, courage, compassion, wisdom and peace. I have taken many risks in my life, knowingly and unknowingly. My first job in the corporate world was as a field engineer, working on oil platforms in Africa. I went from engineering to science to project management before I made a complete switch to become a professional certified coach. My passion is peace. For me, peace starts from within”.

What inspired you to start this venture?

I signed up for the Co-Active® coaching training by coincidence. What a discovery! Pure inspiration and a myriad of possibilities opened up. I reconnected with a dream of mine that I held for a long time: World Peace. The resolution of conflict within, with the outer world, and in the world became a tangible possibility. In my business I started pursuing this goal through:

• Business/career/life Coaching

• Coaching for Peace

• Trauma relief and selfcare for refugees

• Tech Startup which coaches via virtual reality

Nadja Muller-den Blijker

Tell us about your ventures.
Under the umbrella of Bell Noma, I run my individual coaching practice and conduct trauma relief and self-care trainings. I went to Nepal after the Earthquake to deliver trauma relief and self-care training for social workers last year. The impact was phenomenal. We also give these trainings to refugees in the Netherlands. Overcoming trauma is the key to empowerment and a fulfilled life. I am here to help at this first instance and in humanitarian crisis.

My other venture – SONOVR is about long lasting transformation. We as a team of professional coaches use visualization techniques to help clients to fully express themselves, achieve self-actualization and live a purposeful life. Adding virtual reality to coaching brings the practice to a whole new level.

Nadja's workshop

Exposure and EMDR therapies have already been conducted with Virtual Reality, achieving better results compared to regular treatment protocols. The team of SONOVR aims to embed regular treatment protocols and interventions from psychotherapy and professional coaching in virtual reality to maximize the results. We want to create a transformation engine with which behavioral changes become true and long lasting.

Nadja's workshop

What are your challenges?
The initial challenges were to reach out, find collaborators and get clients. The current challenge is financing my business and balancing my time between my daughter, family and business.

What keeps you going?
That I work in accordance with my values. I love the fact that I can choose what to work on.

Maslow's hierarchy

And your biggest take away from your journey till date.
It is not easy to travel this road. It is sometimes painful and confronting, because there are obstacles and pressure from my surrounding (family and friends) for me to change my ways. It involves taking risks and at times a leap into the unknown.
Having said that, I cannot imagine it any other way. Once I took the red pill (Maslow’s matrix reference) and woke up to the reality of my own potential, there is simply no way back. I love being myself and living by my values. I love being able to give all I have to this world which is beautiful, frightening and magical. It will be an even more beautiful place if all people live and can unlock their full potential. And that’s what I am here for.

Where do you want to be in 10 yrs time?
I want my daughter to be a happy 15 year old and enjoy her teenager days and all that come with it. I want SONOVR to be an established social enterprise which can sponsor more trauma relief and self care work in humanitarian crisis situations. I want our customers to benefit from virtual reality coaching and psychotherapy interventions and our platform with virtual reality session rooms. I want my coaching clients to live their lives according to their values, with meaning and purpose.

Nadia believes, positive people make a better society. Positive psychology is about going from survival to thriving, from depression to fulfillment. From coping to meaning. From trauma to purpose. From responding under stress with fright, to conscious choices in which people are creative (not reactive). For people to find peace within. However, behavioral changes are difficult. Skilled professional coaches like herself are the ideal facilitators to overcome the harrowing the past and live a life full of meaning and purpose.

Nadia can be contacted at

Career Coach & Coaching for Peace
Den Haag The Netherlands


email: [email protected]

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