Of Snowflakes and Snuggles

Why do we both love and cower at the thought of a winter wonderland? What comes to our minds? Icy cold temperatures? Crackling fireplaces? Toasting marshmallows? A cuppa hot Irish coffee with a dollop of whipped cream? Or some fragrant piping hot Darjeeling tea to warm your numbness?

The freezing cold, the ice-kissed roads, the glacial winds, the barren trees, the desolate sky, the snowed in days, the shoveling moments gives way to the refreshing air, the snow laced pristine beauty, the dazzling sun on the clear days, the warmth of the fireplace, a glass of warm spiced up mulled wine nestling in your palms, for a lucky few; a view of the snow capped mountains, and above all the clothes you cocoon in, that makes the cold melt away. Clothes that keep you warmly luxuriated and your soul intact. The right kind of winter apparel are after all the soul food for our being.

Winter wear can be divided up into two broad categories. What you can wear indoors to keep you all warm and fluffed up (we cannot keep the heat on all the time, it’s damaging to our skin and environment) and outerwear when we are up against the elements.

Some of the must have essentials in your wardrobe to tide over any winter; be it the nippy Delhi evenings or the below freezing temperatures of Denver. The idea is to strike a perfect balance between comfort and style. Who says we have to look like stuffed teddy bears in the winter months?

Here are some creative ideas to look svelte while bundled up in fetching winter gear.

Layering is the key to a successful winter wardrobe I say!

   ●   Jeans, skinny if you may! You ask me why? Because they are versatile. Because they can be tucked into your boots and not bunch up if you wear the “flared at the bottom” types. Because they would look stylish even with pointy heels. or a pair of ballet flats. A long sleeved shirt, a fitted pea coat, a pair of woolen scarf and a woolen cap thrown casually over for the extra bit of snugness and you are all set.

   ●    A trusty cashmere sweater of a solid color (navy blue, black, alabaster, or nude) teamed up with leather pants and you are ready to conquer the world. A wool cape coat will compliment this ensemble.
   ●    A fitted blazer tailored and form-fitting over formals gives you the right pizazz for the chic and professional look at work.

   ●     A wafer thin long sleeved tee of any indeterminate color under a fuzzy, cuddly coat is a good substitute for the all-purpose shirt. It keeps you warm without the feeling of being weighed down with too many layers.

   ●    How about a matching ensemble of denim on denim that’s enough to keep your warm indoors and when the temperature drops, you team it with a classic trench coat and a pair of coordinated knee length boots. Think about it! You are not compromising your comfort for fashion at all.
    ●    Nothing like a burst of color to bring out the holiday cheer I say! Team up your neutral hues with a bright leather jacket or a coat. A cranberry red on tones of black would cut it I suppose. Add a dash of red lipstick and you are ready to sashay anywhere.
    ●    Boots, boots, and boots…could be leather, or faux leather, or suede. Kitten heels, high heels, wedged, or no heels, They are a woman’s best friend to bump up the style quotient. If I were you, I would invest in a couple of them.
    ●    My personal favorite is the sweater dress. A belt cinched at the waist, a pair of tights, and knee length boots is perfect for a casual meet up or a jaunt to catch up on a movie over the weekend. A multi-layered neckpiece completes the chic look.
    ●    Scarves, woolen caps, ear muffs, mittens, a basic leather jacket, hooded fleeces (for a brisk walk or run outdoors), thermal pants and a head to cover up parka are the antidotes for cold weather, it’s an absolute “can’t do without you” assembly. Stick with black or opaline colors that are neutral. And for the more adventurous, the same garb in brighter colors will do nicely.
    ●    And if you thought I would not mention the sleeveless A Line shift dress here, you are mighty wrong then. It’s a mood-lifter, if you will. A winner. Teamed up with a pair of sheer tights ( it’s important to keep your feet warm ) a pair of pointy ballet shoes, gloves and a chic looking Tailored A Line Coat, you are ready for a night out with your sparkling persona. Spice up the look by a statement neckpiece. The final outcome…see it for yourself!

The idea is to look pulchritudinous, stay warm, and have a great winter season. If you are attired, the world is your oyster.

  • Written byKakoli Roy

    Content Writer, Technical Writer, Entrepreneur, Designer, Travel junkie, Avid reader, Innovator, and Dreamer ! My work has perks because I meet a wide array of people who make my life multi- dimensional. And unshackle me in many ways! Writing is my calling and I live and breathe to write.


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