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Fashion could be seen as frivolous and to an extent people do conjure up this common belief. It can be seen as a playground for the rich and famous. But with every passing year, designers are becoming more conscientious and through their designs ushering in a new generation of political and social consciousness. It is less ostentatious and over the top and more harmonious with the universe and surroundings.

It’s like making waves in a gentler fashion.

From froth to goth, from romanticism to scepticism, from pop culture to high culture, from a career woman to a stay at home mom, we live in a world filled with people who express themselves freely by mixing different elements together. Accessorizing can be fashionable or functional, comforting or cool, punk or prim. It depends purely on the personality of who you are!

According to us, your natural elements like your glowing face, healthy hair, and your honest to goodness smile are all instant style boosters but it can be greatly enhanced by not just what you wear but how you wear! We have a plethora of props that will get you the nod.

Scarves- Scarves brings out the inner goddess in you. They can delve into the softer, more feminine side of you and keep you warm. A pure case of fashion going hand in hand with functionality. Tends to add allure to any outfit you wear. Be it a simple sweater or a cocktail dress, it redefines the space between your clavicles and decolletage. It is cool and sexy and more versatile than any other piece of clothing you own. You could team it up with virtually anything across the gamut and come up a winner.

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In a classic “It girl” meets “rockstar” twist, scarves will always be trendy. And it doesn’t take a fashion forward person to know that nothing completes an outfit like the right scarf.

Belts– Cinch your waist with a belt. A slim belt worn with a shirt dress can give it an instant style lift. And if you have a thin waist, add a lovely wide belt to on the demarcation. Similarly, a sleek leopard print belt worn with your jeans adds a cool twist to your everyday look. A vintage belt adds old world glamor while studded belts look uber cool and ups the glam quotient by several counts.

Bags– The single most effective arm candy is a handbag. It looks very statement, very stylish. You can allow yourself to invest in a few of these “can’t go wrong ever” pieces. This winter you can choose from a dazzling shade of turquoise or a striking shade of fuschia pink and you are all set to woo the world. You can also go super boho chic by owning a optically patterned bag. From Kate Spade to Gucci to Fendi to Michael Kors to Nine West to Coach, everyone is out there to woo you with their array of totes, clutches, satchels, saddle, sling, shoulder, hobos, mutts, minaudiere and what not. You just can’t go wrong trying to balance an oversized bag on your person, now can you?

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Jewelry– Much like art and fashion, jewelry is a way to express yourself! It defines who you are. And it is costume jewelry that has the buzz rather than the real stuff these days.
From fun to solemn occasions, they can be worn anywhere. From puritans to radicals, they have a place in everyone’s home. Statement jewelry is a stylish addition to any outfit. They tend to be unique, stylish, one of a kind, and can be teamed up with anything, right from a no brand street side purchase to a designer wear to give the desired look you wish for. It also breaks the monotony if you tend to favor sober colors like grey or black or pastels, especially at work.

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Monochromatic colors also perk up when teamed with a statement piece at your neck or ears.. Earrings are more versatile and can be worn at day or evenings to shine up your look. Team it up with a tee or jeans to make heads turn. Pair it up with jeans or a long skirt. Or layer it up with formals. It is that versatile. Take it to your boardroom or to the beach, it fits right in. From a straitlaced necklace to an avantgarde experimental ring, jewelry these days ranges from offbeat to funk to eccentric and to traditional.

1. Pearls make a comeback- The 2016 fall winter runway has been seeing the steadfast pearls making a comeback, albeit with a vintage twist. They have been reinvented as ear cuffs and hair pins. They were statement then and they are statement now. You can totally revamp your look with them. It is the mother of all things quirky and whimsical. So if you want to add to your eclectic look, look no further.

2. Single earring- Long danglers, chandeliers, ear cuffs-no one can escape this trend. Single handedly the lone warrior has turned the fashion world topsy turvy.

3. Asymmetric earrings- Two different elements of style in one go. You just have to know your mojo. It is enjoying its newfound status with multiple designers, they can’t seem to let go of this fetish!

4. Natural stones- Uncut stones like agate, garnet, citrine, onyx, amethyst, quartz etcetera reinforces the mindset of today’s designers who are trying to incorporate the natural elements in their sensibilities.

5. Statement neckpieces- We personally love them, they are classic. From uncut diamonds to wooden chokers, they can elevate your look by several notches.

6. Vintage style a la victorian-You can breathe life into your grandma’s jewels by giving it a modern twist. The setting of the stones, the exquisite workmanship, the ornate designs, aren’t we lucky vintage has made a comeback and how

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar 2016 August Issue

Boots– Let’s not kid ourselves! We obsess, fantasise, crave, drool, and go crazy over a pair of sexy boots. They add so much to our overall looks and persona. Ankle length boots are worn more for fashion rather than utilitarian purposes. They are a fashion statement and are often every woman’s winter wardrobe staple. They have a timeless appeal that transcends a couple of hundred years! As they say, there is no business like shoe (show) business! Styles that transcend weather stereotypes are:

1. Leather ankle boots in distressed leather with an outer side zip can be paired with flowing summer dresses to give an uber cool look.

2. Ankle length boots with black patent leather inserts and heels that strike the right amount of chutzpah can be teamed with tight hip-hugging skinny jeans.

3. Sleek suede ankle length boots puts an elegant spin on cowboy-style ankle boots. This low-heeled pair has pull-on loops on the sides and a softly rounded almond toe. Teamed with a flowery bouncy skirt, it has a light hearted flirtatious appeal.

4. Flat lace-up boots are comfortable and stylish when paired with leggings and an over long trench coat. Just perfect for winter.

5. Victorian style in floral lace and stitched lace-up ties are immensely sexy for a early afternoon coffee break.

6. Hiking Boots are in and add a punkish edge to its practical purpose. It has emerged as the season’s top pick. Whether flat or high-heeled, it’s tough enough to take on anything.

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And our advice would be to follow your own aesthetics. Be true to who you are. Authenticity is the very definition of personal style.

Accessorize your look with the entire gamut of what you have in your wardrobe. A scarf, a belt, a headband, jewelry pieces, a watch will all do well for coordinating the perfect look. Rummage through your closet and you will come up with elements you can use. And remember, scarves and boots have their own swag. There are no strategies involved to look instantly fashionable, it is not a boardroom decision. However these were some basic guidelines that will instantly bring out the “fashionista” in you! And nothing like a good posture and neat well-kept nails to complete the look. It’s all in the detail, you see.

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