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With the travel industry booming and the hospitality sector increasing lodging varieties and options daily, it is unfair to be bound within four walls of a conventional hotel room which suits your basic needs. To make the place a part of you, it is necessary to break common notions and age-old lodging options in exploration of the more adventurous and natural ones. Most unconventional lodging options or unusual hotel stays help you appreciate the beauty better and soak in the charm of the place.

1. Bubble lodge

What could be better than a shielded bubble through which the greeting of a million stars is visible? Surrounded by ethereal beauty of forests or deserts, the bubble is the perfect place to sleep in whilst you are connected to the nature. Equipped with oxygen, beds and essentials, the transparent bubble is a great unconventional lodging option as you are in the lap of the most beautiful sceneries.

The most popular bubble lodges are present in The 5 million star hotel, Iceland, Dome garden, UK, Camp Katur, England and Nuit Nature, France.

2. Ice hotel

Ice hotels can be completely or partially made up of snow. In most cases, only the interiors are made up of snow because maintaining the temperatures indoors is easy. For every adventurous traveller, this experience is a must-have as living in sub-zero temperatures is challenging yet enchantingly beautiful at the same time. The most popular ice hotels are Snow Village & Ice hotel in Canada, Kirkenes SnowHotel in Norway, Hotel Kakslauttanen Igloo Village in Finland and Eskimska Vas in Slovenia.

3. Cave stays

Why settle for something generic when you can spice things a notch higher and stay in a secluded yet mystical cave setting? Bliss for people who like private holidays unclouded by crowds and the usual tourist shenanigans, cave stays are the newest trend in the hospitality sector.

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Ranging from rustic rooms which lend charm and allurement to your surroundings to luxurious options to make your stay grandiose and epicurean, caves are open to serve every kind of traveller.
The most popular cave stays you could opt for are Hotel Marhala in Tunisia, Sala Silvermine in Sweden and Desert cave hotel in Australia.

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4. Tree hotel/tree houses

To channel your inner wanderlust and relive the age of nine once again, living in a tree house style hotel accommodation is the perfect choice. With options spanning across the rustic and authentic treehouses to elaborate and lavish hotel rooms built on a high altitude, you will be spoilt for choices. A lot of treehouses are more than mere rooms and the suites provide you an option to cook your own meals and take baths without having to climb down from your abode.
To soak in the intrepid experience, you can visit the following: Bangkok Tree house in Thailand, Nothofagus hotel and spa in Chili, Fina Bellavista in Costa Rica and Tsala Treetop Lodge in South Africa.

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5. Capsule hotel

Capsule hotels, also popularly known as pod hotels, are one of the most common and availed accommodations in Japan. Extending the ultimate sci-fi feel to your stay, these tiny room offer minimal necessities to the boarder such as a bed, shelves, a locker and a window. The capsules are the most budget friendly accommodation and are perfect for travellers who do not care for exquisite luxuries. The bathroom is communal and often shared by occupants of the other capsules.
Apart from Japan, other countries which have embraced the capsule module of hotels include Hong Kong, China, Belgium, India and Philippines.

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6. Open air hotel rooms

With the lodging options becoming diverse, the one that is most popularly catching on is the open air accommodation. You can now lie down in your bed and identify constellations trying to fall asleep only to be woken by the rays of the sun gently grazing your face. Whilst some rooms are convertibles where the roof retreats to the open sky, while some prefer to shun the roof for good.
A few of the prettiest open air hotels’ list include Ladera in Saint Lucia, Amanruya in Turkey, Amangiri in USA and L’and in Portugal.

7. Monastery lodging

To add serenity and peace to your vacation, monasteries are the perfect lodging option. Whilst living in one, you can learn about spirituality and the rich history of various things and embrace the simplicity of life which the residents are associated to. Cheaper than most hotels, the hospitality here is devoid of frills but the knowledge gained is endless.
The most popular monasteries one can choose to stay in are Sanctuary of Oropa in Biella, Italy, New Norcia in Australia, Buckfast Abbey in England, Ecce home convent in Jerusalem and Hemis monastery in Ladakh, India.

With a world of options now opened up to you, it is only fitting that you check them out while planning your next trip. Get rid of notions, break boundaries and crush conventions to become the traveller you always wanted to.

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