Need to enhance Employability Skills of New Graduates in India!

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Worldwide talent shortages are most acute in the Asia Pacific region including India. India stands third in the index with close to 61% difficulty in filling jobs. The global average is around 35%. Various surveys in the recent years have revealed that not more than 30% of the young generation getting ready to join the workforce has Employability skills that the Industry is looking for.

There’s a huge gap in the curriculum and teaching Methodology followed by majority of the Educational Institutions offering professional courses and what actually is required by the Employers. A report on Higher Education in India – Vision 2030, by Ernst and Young for the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry mentions the skill gap in different sectors as 75% in IT; 55 % in manufacturing, 65% in healthcare and 50% in Banking and Insurance

Today’s work scenario is defined by change, whether it is technology, skills or problems. Educational Institutions, however have either not recognized that they are not in sync with the demands of the Industry or do not have the capability to align themselves to the need of the hour. The curriculum is still focused on academic rather than experiential learning.

Besides functional skills, Employers are giving a lot of importance to soft skills, especially communication, tenacity, teamwork, collaboration, self and social awareness, networking and many more. Students need to be articulating their views effectively, have clarity of thought, structured thought process, interpersonal and real problem solving skills to do well in their jobs.

Soft Skills are a must have to enhance your Career in today’s world of work but unfortunately very few Educational Institutes seems to have realized this.

Focus should be more on Industrial training, live projects, mentorship programs with Industry experts and interest alignment. Self-awareness and Personality Development helps students to be authentic and successful. Most importantly students should be given Career Guidance at an early stage to identify their strengths and discover their areas of passion before deciding on a Career.

Although quite a few programs have been launched by the government in Skilling India, it needs to be done at a faster pace in order to tap the huge potential of the youth in India.

There are various organizations today trying to contribute in Skilling India, one of the leading and more affordable one is; Career Alternatives Management Consultants, based in Bangalore. Their team of professionals includes Career Coaches, Industry Experts, Life-skill Counsellors & Certified psychologists specialized in guiding individuals in building successful careers.

They offer a wide range of Individual Career Advisory Program and In-house Employability skill workshops and programs for students & fresh graduates getting ready to be an integral part of the workforce in India; as well as entry-level & experienced professionals looking to strengthen their career, personality, aptitude, interests and work styles.

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Their programs are of an applied nature;equips participants with the right knowledge and tools to be successful in their area of expertise.

They define their objectives as follows;

• Provide individuals with the appropriate skills and knowledge to enter various employment sectors and continue professional development.
• Help individuals develop a better understanding of their abilities and personality and thereafter chalk a suitable career.
• Provide psychometric assessments to give individuals insights into work and profile suitable for them.
• Extend career counselling services.
• Enable students, graduates & entry-level professionals make the most of their career by helping them network effectively and accessrelevant resources and information.
• Extend personalized coaching & counselling services to a wide range of working professionals.

In today’s competitive world preparing oneself before embarking on the job market is even more crucial than just the academic laurels and that is what such organizations are gearing up to skill young India.


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    Human Resource professional with 15 years of experience in establishing business practices, setting up hiring processes and leading hiring teams for large Multinationals. Specialized in Corporate recruitment and selection.


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