Metabolism boosting secrets for women above 40

Metabolism boosting secrets for women above 40 - It is a commonly known fact that it becomes more difficult to lose weight by maintaining the same level of workout and activity as soon as you hit the magic number 40 as your body is dealing with hormonal changes, age related issues and for most women, motherhood is also a pressing factor. This also gives rise to a very common but less known about condition known as toxic metabolism. The cells in your body resist detoxfication due to the countless toxins present in the food, air and water which cause issues in digestion and lead to a toxic and sluggish metabolism.

However, by tweaking food and life habits a little, you can now protect and even boost your metabolism despite being in your 40s.

Revamp the fat intake

Your cell membranes are made of fat so there is no point in skimping on them. Lowering the fat content in your diet will only cause an imbalance in your hormones and a crash in your metabolism. So instead of consuming trans-fats and long chain fatty acids that you find in regular food like vegetable oils and butter and margarine substitutes, start consuming fats that keep your heart and body healthy. Consume fatty foods rich in Omega 3 and those which have medium or short chain fatty acids to stir up your metabolism and drop those extra pounds. A few foods that are recommended for consumption are salmon, nuts, ghee, avocados and cold-pressed seed oils.

Restore your gut health

A fast metabolism is heavily dependent on healthy digestion. Because most people suffer from a bacterial imbalance, it gives rise to problems like a leaky or permeable gut. This leaky gut is a by product of constant exposure to toxins and harmful allergens.

However, it isn’t impossible to repair a leaky gut and ensure its restoration if you tweak your diet in the following ways:

1. Check for food allergies dairy, soy, eggs, gluten and legumes are common allergens
2. Avoid sugar
3. Cut down on refined carbs
4. Add probiotics to your diet like curd, kimchi, kefir and tempeh to your diet
5. Avoid alcohol as they are the biggest triggers of gut permeability

Weight train

One of the major reasons that women start gaining weight is because of shrinking of muscles mass. This phenomenon can be reversed by adding weight training to your fitness schedule. If you haven’t trained with weights before, this is the perfect time to. Begin with incorporating two hours and work your way to adding more sessions. It is also suggested that you add more compound moves and heavier lifts to your sessions instead of focusing on isolated moves to target every muscle group.

Strength or weight training causes muscle tears which consume more energy to repair as a result of which you burn calories up to 2-3 days after a training session as well. It was noted in a study that older women who trained with weights were bound to lose over 9% fat than women who stuck to cardio.

Get quality sleep

While this might sound obvious, the fact that people lounge around in bed instead of actually sleeping has become a huge issue today. So, instead of napping and resting every few hours, it is recommended that you get a good night’s sleep for a few hours. This undisturbed, quality sleep is essential for repairing your muscles as well as helping your digestion get better which revs your metabolism.

A few ways in which you can get a better night’s sleep are:

1. Stop using electronics two hours before sleeping
2. Most people sleep best if the temperature is around 25 degrees
3. Use an eye mask to block out light
4. Use a white noise machine if you’re a troubled sleeper.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Forgetting to drink water or consume liquids is a major roadblock to achieving that high metabolism. Lack of water will make you eat more and thus, gain more fat. Thus, despite your busy schedule, you should be aiming for at least 3 litres of water daily. To make water consumption more effective, have cold or iced water as it requires a greater number of calories to bring your body temperature back to normal.

If drinking plain water sounds boring, you can always go for sparkling or flavoured water. And to spruce the liquids up a bit, you can also have green or oolong or lemon tea which are low in caffeine but very effective in boosting metabolism.

Thus even though age might seem like a barrier to maintain the current weight and the same level of energy, it actually isn’t. By simply identifying the issues and adding minor solutions to the issues, you can boost your metabolism and live a healthy and happy life in your 40s!

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