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U Being Bridge, Myanmar

Its not the usual travel agency website, it’s an experience of slowly flipping through the pages of a luxury magazine as the images transport you to a world beyond imagination- Exotik Traveler is Carmen Caballero’s easel through which she speaks to the travel enthusiasts who are looking for an experience of a lifetime tailored to their needs. Luxury travel to Carmen is not really defined just by the price tag its creating an experience and that’s what she is set to do.

Let’s start at the beginning – Who was Carmen Caballero before she started travelling ?

Well… To answer this question I have to say I have been traveling since I was born practically… When I was 1.5 years old my parents dream was to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Spain and that is exactly what we did as a family…Then we stayed on in the Caribbean for some years and basically I have travelled since then. When I was 3 years old we came back to Madrid, Spain, where I was raised. All through by growing up years we have travelled a lot, specially by boat and also visited many places around the world

Later in college, I decided to Major in Economics and while studying I got the opportunity to organize travel agendas for some important clients and then when I graduated I decided continue with this job and to turn my passion in my profession and basically built my own travel company, specialized in quality/luxury travel and… here I am today!

When exactly did you realize traveling was your true passion?

I think I have always had a passion for traveling and getting to know new cultures, new places, I have a love for luxury hotel life… I think it is something I have carried with me since I was a kid!

Was it always luxury travel or have you backpacked as well?

I only specialize in luxury travel since I think it is the niche within travel that I identify myself the most with and I am always looking to create unique experiences, hotels located in unique settings, once in a lifetime journeys… There are many types of luxury or definitions of luxury today, for me I just look to create a quality trip tailored to my clients needs, budget and just find the perfect hotels and journey for them.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

It’s the lucky few who can make a profession out of their passion- are you one of those?

I feel very lucky and very grateful everyday… Of course like in any other business there are parts you like more and parts you like less but I really think that I have made the correct choice and I do feel lucky.

Tell us how Exotik Traveller started?

At the beginning, I started off with 2000viajes.com and then I realized, since I had international clients and I was starting to get very addicted to social media… I was feeling the need to share exciting luxury travel news, hotel openings, examples of trips… And this is when I created Exotiktraveler.com Since everything I do is tailor-made/ very private travel and I look for the options that my clients are looking for directly, I felt it was a better idea than just a general travel agency webpage. Exotik Traveler is aimed to keep clients up to date with the hottest hotel properties, travel tips and more importantly make everyone want to travel the world and inspire them with unique destinations and plans.

La Palma Island, Spain

Why only Luxury travel? Who is your target customer?

So my niche is luxury travel since I feel more identified personally with it, I am able to curate a luxury journey and I am as “demanding” as a luxury client can be with regards to what my clients expect from their journeys… For me luxury travel is creating authentic experiences, looking for unique hotel settings and making sure I meet the clients expectations and get all the information from them I can and also give them all the information they need to know. My target customer would be someone looking for a bespoke luxury journey, private and any journey more “out of the ordinary”, more flexible and with hand picked hotels from our expert contacts in each destination…

Any hurdles/problems on your way to establish Exotik Traveler.

Well I cannot say I have encountered any problem till today to establish ExotikTraveler, I am today an established brand and I really cannot say there has been any problems… With regards to my day to day business operation, obviously I can’t control flight delays and natural disasters, but at least I do offer my personal attention and try to give my customers the most I can during such situations to make them at ease and not spoil the fun and magic they were hoping to experience.

Udaipur, India

What was your main support structure ?

I started on my own and continue on my own, I like to give my clients individual attention and If I have to name one thing as a support structure it would be never disconnecting… I work a lot everyday, even when I am on my personal trips and I also have some supports with regards to paperwork, or accounting but the actual agency work has always been me.

Saariselka Finland- with her husband and pet

You have traveled to many countries and exotic locations- one place you can keep going back to. And a place you will think twice before setting off. Why?

That is a good question… Well if I can choose a destination where I can keep going back to I would choose Turks and Caicos Islands… I just fell in love with the beaches here… and as you may know for me is very important traveling with my dog and its a very very pet friendly destination…

With regards to a place that I would never go back to…. Well this is a very hard question because I believe when you know yourself you travel to places you know you will like, or you more or less know what type of traveler you are; if you are for example a city girl you wouldn’t go to New Zealand which is pure nature, landscaping and countryside… There are places I’d avoid like places at war or with serious political problems…
Im very easy going anyways… for example my husband does not want to travel any more to super cold places like Finland or Canada.. So I will have a hard time taking him back to the snow LOL poor him!

5 things you will not travel without?

I never travel without my phone and my laptop… Work is always first! Then I take my agenda, and I always pack a blazer which looks smart with anything you wear … and a bikini.. you never know even if you travel to a city or cold place if the hotel will have a nice spa or pool…

What’s in the bucket list? Or Your dreams going forward?

Im my bucketlist are so many places!!! Definitely Tahiti is at the top of the list but since there is such a long flight from Spain I need quite a lot of time… Also I would really love to visit Brazil… Im moving forward and always on the move but there so many great places still loving to visit!

As a woman what’s your most important message towards women entrepreneurs?

I always say it is very important to be yourself and have confidence and positive energy, and of course, pursue your dreams and concentrate in what you want and don’t wait… just go for it!

Check out Exotik Traveler for creating an unforgettable experience

  • Written byShayonti Chatterji

    Founder of Our Frontcover. With a career spanning over 25 years, in management and business development, believes in dreaming and living the dream. Believes in the power of stories.


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