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By all means, marry! If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher. - Socrates The myth: Dream weddings come with a hefty price tag. The reality: Dream weddings do not always have to be synonymous with prohibitive price tags. Yes, if you plan it well, the frills and fancy wedding that you forever dreamt of, will be a piece of cake. Well, not exactly...as they say there is no free lunch. Here are some cool ideas that might resonate well with you and get you the all important “approving” nod from friends and families. So without much ado, let’s jump into some serious planning for the mother of all events. Our two cents is universal to any bride from any culture, tradition, or heritage. To do or not to do or importantly, the order of prioritization. One pivotal point of consideration is to be smart and money- conscious. To be mindful and not wasteful. So, are you ready for some major shenanigans in the hope of saving big bucks at your wedding? If you are, then you are in the right place. Read on to get full insight and we hope this article will help you plan your wedding better. Customize what you think are applicable to your needs. Some of them could be an absolute sine qua non while some could be tweaked to fit in with your needs.

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By all means be quirky with your wedding date– Thursday is the new Friday so a weekday/night works just as well . Last minute date announcement is an absolute no-no! This will save you a few thousand dollars or whichever form of moolah you use in your country.

As they say…location location location- Choose your venue wisely and timely. An opulent venue brings in its own lavishness and succeeds in creating an illusion of grandeur. A place with great atmosphere like a century old church, a winery set amidst lush hills, a museum gallery, or even a historical site like a old fort or palace can be a great value add on a budget. We humans quintessentially love heritage and are
willing to overlook nitty gritties if the milieu is right.

Lighting can magically transform a venue– Dress up every piece in the venue that can be draped with fairy lights and see the effect it has. Lighting doesn’t cost much and a good team of electricians is all you need!

Keeping the venue same– both for the wedding and reception is not only time efficient but also impacts on your savings hugely. First of all, you qualify for a higher slab discount. Secondly, transportation costs are reduced from carting your guests back and forth one venue to the other. And lastly, brings down a host of other incidental costs

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Now for the most important, the most eyed, and most revered, the oohs and aahs from the guests are always reserved for the decor and ambience– The sweetheart table settings, seating charts, the ceremony canopy, the flower arrangements, the floral bridesmaid bouquets, the trending themes, artefacts and props, and the list goes on. You can save a ton on these ancillaries. For starters, throw in lounge furniture, banquet chairs, draping in good measure. It is not that expensive to rent and adds sophistication and class to the venue.

Try picking up recycled wedding decor like backdrops, handmade brooch bouquets, table number cards, etc. for a fraction of the cost of retail or custom made.

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Tis the wedding season and flowers can cost a bomb- Do away with floral centerpieces, instead use non-floral table displays. Be creative. Use coffee table books, cluster of votives, vintage photo frames with your pictures, colorful table lanterns.

Elaborate floral bridesmaid bouquets can be traded for farmers market bouquets. They tend to be less ornate and look real. Place an order with the farmer directly.
Another good idea is to not be a stickler with specific flower types (like maybe roses or lilies). That can be pretty expensive! Order for specific flower groups in same hues instead to save some bucks.
You can do away with the ceremony canopy which is a humungous and therefore costs more. Instead use beautiful curved arches. It has the same effect.

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DJ, Dance, fun and frolic-Why order a music band/DJ if you have a musically inclined family member or a friend? They get a platform and your takeaway is the “feel good” factor by giving someone deserving a break.Assign the best talents in your circle to choreograph solo or group performances.. Everything doesn’t have to be staged to perfection, let us breathe in some bursts of spontaneity in the festivities.

“Laughter is brightest where food is the best”– Food at a wedding has to be ambrosial to taste and stylish to look. For cocktail hour, choose mostly passed and nicely timed apps in lieu of stationed bites, eliminating wasting food and money. Swap appetizer stations for hand-passed hors d’oeuvres. Bite sized veggies and fruits with colorful garnishes add a splash to the platter but not to your pocket. Presenting food in eye-catching ways creates a chic impression but doesn’t have to add costs.

Plan your menu around cuisines as Middle-eastern, Mexican,Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, or Greek. Keep your main entrées no-fuss and clean. But to make it luxe add accents like raspberries in champagne flutes, a wedge of lime or orange in water jugs, pretty herbs or edible flowers to the entrées, a swirl of chocolate or decorative fruits on the dessert plates, espresso shots in fancy mugs, classic cocktails like a Screwdriver or Bloody Mary for the old-worldly feel.

It has been proven presenting the food well goes miles in enhancing the feel good factor. A sliver of a flamboyant fruit, a hand-painted mug,an artsy design on the dessert plate, a single stem of an exotic bloom on the placemat, a monogrammed piece of silverware, an array of color hued glassware used for serving water or juice makes everything sophisticated without hurting your wallet.

Drinks and Dessert– Instead of keeping an open bar have drinks served to the guests. This reduces wastage and saves big bucks. Team up generic drinks with signature ones. Shots are a great idea if you want to do away with champagne toast.

Serve tastefully but don’t free flow alcohol. People are people and free drinks are a huge loss as they are often not finished and tossed aside for the next.
Desserts are also a high-roller as far spending goes.

It’s a good idea to do away with the multi-tiered wedding cake that costs obscene amount of money. Instead have a multi-flavor cupcake tower coordinated with the wedding colors that will dazzle your guests with its vibrant hues. It would be utterly cool to serve a platter of orange meringue tarts, chocolate orange bites, individual servings of crème brûlée, scotch truffle hearts, ice-cream bundt cakes, lime mousse, baklava tartlets, chocolate macarons, apple cinnamon mini pies as an accompaniment.

And a chai (tea) and coffee bar alongside for no earth shattering cost. Green tea, black tea, white tea, flower and herb flavored tea, decaffeinated, espresso, and coffee liqueur with dollops of freshly whipped cream to wash it down with. The guests are spoilt for choice and are enveloped in a heady sense of well-being.

Of dressing up in bridal splendor and glory– Your best bet is to work with a mid-range designer who is not super pricey. Someone who has a vision but is practical as well. Have a budget so you know what is doable and what is not. And every step of the way be in charge. it should be yours and only yours decision. It will help you negotiate the best price and the best dress.

Alternatively, dresses can be bought online where you have a wider choice. Renting a dress has been quite the trend these days.
Jewelry, advisable to buy, especially gemstones, from a small but reputable jeweler. You can also buy gemstones from Gem Shows and then design it yourself and have a reliable jeweler make it for you. If you inherit heirloom pieces from your family, make them your signatures. Buy/design the rest of your pieces so that it harmonizes with your erstwhile pieces. Vintage never fails to up your classy quotient.

With thee ring I wed you and we become life partners for a lifetime…oh yes!

The wedding ring– is the pivotal jewelry in any wedding, be it Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Muslim. The rings we exchange solemnise the occasion where vow to cover each other’s backs for a lifetime. Where we forge a partnership for a lifetime. So it is a significant piece of jewelry to be chosen with much deliberation both literally and figuratively. As well symbolically.

“Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite”– Source: Anonymous

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