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Sejal Patel’s love for children and belief in offering them a strong foundation has led her way to success in her community. She tells Our FrontCover about how she came about to establish a business in childcare and opened her franchise of Kids ‘R’ Kids in Flower Mound, Texas at a very young age of just twenty-eight.

What has been the inspiration behind opening a business in your area, especially one involved in Childcare? Business has always been the end goal for us. My Husband and I come from a business family, and when we moved to Dallas, we looked for opportunities in the DFW area.

I adore kids and working with them on a daily basis and making a difference for them was inspiration enough to make this a career choice. I did my Under Graduation in Biology, and then, studied MBA at Texas Woman’s University which improved my skills in business and management. I love my job, now!

She talks about Childcare never being a business opportunity in her head but, with the motivation of her husband and her love for children, she decided to go for it, “My husband has a motto of Going Big or Going Home. He played a significant role in motivating me and pushed me to do my best!”

Being an Indian in Dallas, were there any inhibitions from either side which placed a hurdle?
No, I did not feel any discouragement being an Indian. We serve an area with diverse cultures, and we accommodate and respect each and every culture at our school. I think we are very globalised with the social media these days, and it becomes imperative for our future generation to learn, understand and respect every culture.
If there is any negativity brought in by any other party, we part our ways as it is for the best. We cannot change the way other people think but, we can control how we react to it.
Apart from the above, I did have a hard time being accepted as the ‘Person-In-Charge’ since I was just twenty-eight, and most of our teachers are in their 40’s. However, it was an experience and, we learn a lot from each other, daily. I am lucky to have an amazing group of mentors who have been in the industry and, have been a guiding light in this journey.

What has been the foundation behind opening this school?

I did not have a background in Childcare before this but, I do believe in learning from experience. I could have all the certifications and degrees but, it does come to the point of making the right decision for the children that can bring a positive change in our business. We learnt about food, health, and safety training and educated ourselves on all the employment rules and regulations. We also, hold a Texas Childcare Director’s License, before we opened our doors in 2013.
We aim to build a strong educational foundation for the kids in our community. We are shaping our futures, and I find that very rewarding.

What have been the frustrations and problems along the way in the initiation and the operation of the preschool?

Like every first experience, we had our hurdles to cross in Childcare. It took about eighteen months to reach stability and create, incorporate and execute our vision and make this place a well-oiled machine.
The major frustration which remains is hiring a loving and a nurturing staff for our children who have the passion for this job. Love for teaching young children and a passion for it, is crucial. We try to remain below the state teacher to student ratio and, handling nine toddlers is a difficult task. However, our teachers do a tremendous job on most days and, we always look to find more like them.

What has been your philosophy behind Kids ‘R’ Kids that has given an edge over other preschools?

Our philosophy is “Hug First, Then Teach.” Here at Kids ‘R’ Kids, we offer a warm and loving environment where our state of the art facilities give our children and students a sense of comfort away from home. We provide a camera view to all our parents who have access to the children in our care, from their homes.
Our ongoing training for our staff ensures the best care possible and our curriculum is designed for developmentally appropriate classrooms which incorporate Brian Waves, STEAM ahead, Spanish, Technology, and music to name a few. We have age appropriate classes, a water park along with playgrounds on our property where children can learn better with their friends.
She states, “Our number one goal is to keep the children safe and happy in our facilities.”

What has been your favourite moment in the last three years of being in business?
Oh, there have been many but, if I have to pick one thing, it’ll be when at the end of the day, our children do not want to go back home and come back running to hug us, it makes our day. It is then, that I feel I have accomplished something and that, I am making a difference in my little way.

You can check out Sejal’s childcare at
Kids R Kids

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