Innovative cocktails to whip up for your next party

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With a host of parties coming up this festive season, the repetitive choice of cocktails might get a little boring for your guests. Delicious cocktails are crucial to the party as they are enough to get the party started. Move over the conventional sangrias, margaritas, mojitos this season and try new developments in the alcohol universe to complement your appetizing, hearty meals. Try out some of these innovative cocktails to add that little extra ZING!

To keep up with the holiday mood and tweak the usual preferences, we bring for you a list of easy to make innovative cocktails which are delicious and will definitely become the soul of your happening party.

Clementine 75

This cocktail is a spin-off of the classic French 75 but instead of using the conventional lemon juice, Justin Chapple (Food & Wine), suggests you to use the Clementine juice. To make the juniper juice, combine sugar, ginger, juniper berries, cranberries, cinnamon sticks and 1/2 cup of water and let it boil till the sugar dissolves and then strain it through a sieve. In a cocktail shaker, add the juniper juice, 6-ounces of the Clementine juice and champagne. Fill this delightful, dainty cocktail into champagne flutes and toast to the party.

Pineapple Rose Sangria

Are you bored of the regular sangria but can’t get enough of it? Swap the red wine for classic French rose and the usual berries for tropical pineapples and lush guavas. Combine rose wine, pineapple juice, guava juice and fresh pineapple in a pitcher and let the mixture rest overnight. Fill glasses with crushed ice and pour the sangria over it. Add more fresh fruit like freshly cut pineapples or orange segments and serve chilled.
Pro tip: Add cinnamon sticks for a better flavour.

Bourbon Alexander

Also known as the “very merry Bourbon”, this cocktail spells festive in every sense. It might look like a dainty drink but it is capable of packing a punch. To create this beautiful piece of art, combine 1 oz bourbon, 1 oz cacao cream, an egg, 1 oz half n half and a dash of salt into a shaker with a little ice and shake vigorously for a few minutes. Strain the mixture into coupe glasses and top it with nutmeg or cinnamon powder and cranberries

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Cranberry mules

They look like holiday cheer in a cup and go brilliantly well with appetizers. It is a simple 4-ingredient cocktail that you can make in large batches. All you need to do to create this perfect festive cocktail is combine 2 oz cranberry juice, 2 oz vodka (Grey Goose preferably), 3 oz ginger beer and ¼ oz lime juice and stir well. Pour the liquid into cups or glasses and garnish with whole cranberries and wedges of lime.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane

Taking the spirit of Christmas one step ahead, this cocktail is the alcoholic version of a simple milkshake. It reflects the festival in its appearance and taste and is sure to enthral all your guests. To create this absolute delight, blend 12oz vanilla ice cream, 2 oz peppermint Snachnapps and two candy canes to get a smooth milky texture. Then pour the milkshake resembling syrup into a mason jar or a tall glass and top it with whipped cream and candy canes to make it appear more lively.


If you want to go beyond just packing a punch of alcohol in your cocktails and want to offer your guests something stronger, obituary is the perfect solution. A close acquaintance of the martini, this cocktail requires only three ingredients and will get the party moving in no time. Add 2 ounces of gin and ½ ounce of vermouth like a regular martini but to justify the name, work in ¼ ounce of absinthe. Stir the ingredients till they are mixed well and serve in a tall glass.

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Winter Margarita

It’s almost time to tweak the regular margarita to help you beat the cold this winter. For an outdoor party, this is a perfect drink to serve as it has summer flavours but the body of a winter cocktail to keep you warm. Combine 1oz tequila, 1 oz mescal, 1oz lemon juice and an egg without ice and stir it well. Stir the mixture once more after adding crushed ice. The smoke from the mescal makes it a perfect cocktail to sip on in the cold season.

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