Important Signals-it’s time to quit your current job

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It's important to recognize signals; It's time to quit your current job

Since you spend a considerable portion of your valuable waking hours at your job, it is important to enjoy it and make your time and effort worthwhile. Unless your job challenges you each day, there is no way you will be able to grow as an individual, professionally. Continuing to do a job you hate might end up harming your personal life and restricting your growth as an individual.

Bidding goodbye to a current job is a difficult task as it comes with various anchors attached such as salary, job security, recommendations etc. However, there are a few signs which will warn you that your job is getting toxic and it's time to quit your current job. Quitting is a better prospect opposed to giving in to grind, relentlessly and heartlessly.

Your ideas aren’t valued

Everyone has ideas and they need to be heard and valued even if the chances of implementing them are low. In certain cases, you might find yourself struggling to put forth your ideas in front of a team or having them completely disregarded. This is an unfavourable situation as it makes you doubt your capabilities as an individual and this might lead to demotivation. If your ideas and views are shot down each time, it is a wise decision to let go of the current job and find a better one.

As a part of the company, you feel nonessential

Everyone likes to believe that their contributions are treasured. In your workplace, you might feel like you’re insignificant to the company and your contributions are trivial and unimportant. This often happens in MNCs and bigger companies where individual workers are seen as numbers and their contribution isn’t considered to be of much importance.

This might lead to loss of purpose which is a major cause of depression. This is a valid reason to quit your job and take up something where you feel valued.

When monotony has been you constant ally

Certain jobs start becoming boring and monotonous after a period of time; however, these spells are broken by new and more challenging prospects which one looks forward to.
But, if your job has been flat and boring for a long period of time now with no signs of any change for the better, it makes sense to look for more exciting, new jobs. Continuing to the same routine daily will just make you feel stuck in a rut with no chances of growth or development of any kind.

You aren’t excited to go to work ever

Every job has some aspects which no one enjoys doing. However, because they are a tiny part of something you love doing on a daily basis, you are willing to overlook them. If your job has no challenges or enjoyable bits which come with it, it is natural for you to lose interest and start dreading workdays.
Under such circumstances, you need to remember that your life is short and it is important to be able to look forward to going to office each morning and not mentally running away from it

The company is going down

Several companies succumb to competition and are unable to keep up. If your company shown indications of financial instabilities and inability to keep up with the fast paced environment, you should quit and look for better prospects before all is lost.
Just because your ship is sinking, doesn’t mean you need to go down with it. It might seem like a selfish decision but in the long run, it is merely a smart decision to think about yourself and your future and quit whilst the time permits.
“Put on your life preserver and get in the water” -Taylor

Your health and personal life are deteriorating

No amount of money is enough for you to put your health or personal life at stake. If your job is the reason for chronic distress, fatigue, constant burnouts, insomnia, headaches and similar symptoms, consider it to be your body’s way of telling you to discontinue the job. Your professional career is a part of your life and making it your whole life and putting personal relationships at risk isn’t a very good decision.
If you are constantly miserable and stressed when you return home, you need to start paying more attention to yourself.

Once you have identified the reasons based on which you want to quit your current job, give yourself some time to sort things out and start identifying new opportunities. Hurrying to get a new job can result in the same signs all over again. Thus, it is crucial to do a background check on the company and see if the roles and responsibilities suit you.
Getting back into the game might seem like a challenge initially after you’ve quit your job but patience and thorough research are the keys to finding a more stable and challenging job which suits your professional profile.

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