How to Treat Teen Acne- all you need to know

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Paula Begoun is The Cosmetics Cop, a name Oprah Winfrey gave her. Paula and her research team have written 21 books on beauty including her best-selling series Don’t Go To the Cosmetics Counter Without Me. Paula also launched Paula’s Choice Skincare In this article Paula and her team explains How to Treat Teen Acne.

Tackling teen acne begins with an effective skincare routine, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. For most, it only takes four products: a cleanser, a leave-on exfoliant that contains salicylic acid (BHA), a benzoyl peroxide product, and, for daytime, a super-light broad-spectrum sunscreen.

We have this figured out—we’ve been there, and we don’t want others to have to suffer with breakouts. We approach acne differently from other skincare lines because we use research-proven, gold-standard ingredients that target the sources of acne, fast. Here’s how the morning and evening skincare routines would look—once you get the hang of it, you’ll be surprised at how fast it goes—clear skin will be its own reward.


Cleanse with a soap-free, water-soluble formula designed to be gentle (because not being gentle to skin can increase acne breakouts), but cleanse thoroughly. Use a soft washcloth or soft-bristle cleansing brush to make sure you remove excess oil.

Exfoliate to help unclog pores with a leave-on, gentle, salicylic acid product designed for acne-prone skin. Apply a benzoyl peroxide product to all breakout-prone areas. Benzoyl peroxide is the gold standard acne-fighting ingredient because it immediately targets the source of acne breakouts.. Begin with a lower strength and see how your skin responds before moving to the higher strength option.

Sun damage can make post-acne marks worse, so daily sun protection is the “secret weapon” in caring for acne-prone skin. Skipping this step can cause the redness left behind from a breakout to linger. If you’ve tried sunscreens, but found them too heavy or thick-feeling.

The evening routine is the same as the morning routine, minus the sunscreen. If your skin is dry or you notice some mild flaking, apply a thin layer of a light, gel-type moisturizer over those areas.

Hidden Acne Triggers

The changes that occur during puberty aren’t the only factor behind teen acne! Other things that can trigger or make existing acne breakouts worse include:

Not washing the face gently twice daily. Dirty skin does not cause acne, but not washing your face enough can lead to a buildup of oil and dead skin. This combo creates the perfect environment for acne and clogged pores.

Not being gentle. Overdoing cleansing with abrasive scrubs, stiff-bristle cleansing brushes, or products with skin-aggravating ingredients (such as SD or denatured alcohol, witch hazel, menthol, peppermint, essential oils, and citrus oils) damage skin’s surface. If it hurts or tingles, that means it’s bad for skin! Putting your skin in this weakened state means more pimples and oil production can occur, and post-acne marks will probably stay around longer too.

Not removing your makeup at night. Many teens cover up acne with makeup, but if you don’t remove all of your makeup every night, your acne treatments won’t work, and your clogged pores will only get worse.

Inconsistent skincare: The only way to clearer skin is to follow a consistent, effective skincare routine. Consistency and patience are essential.

Hairstyling products: Any creamy, waxy, or oily leave-on products applied to hair that falls on your face can cause breakouts in those areas. The solution: Keep hair off your face and use lighter hair-styling products!

Paula Begoun

It all started when Paula was very young trying to take care of her own problem skin that progressively got worse in spite of the professional help sought. Acne, super-oily skin along with debilitating eczema over 60% of her body at the age of 11!

She tried numerous options but all led to disappointment. In early adulthood after working as a makeup artist to send herself through university she came to the realization that most skincare claims were either seriously misleading. Determined to find out the truth about skin and skincare—it became a compulsion eventually leading her to take her first steps into a career in the world of cosmetics.

“I didn’t want anyone to go through what I went through ever again. In looking over my evolving career, I believe I’ve accomplished much of what I set out to do. But I’m not quitting! There’s still a lot of work and research yet to be done and this blog continues my lifelong work” Paula Begoun www.paulaschoice.com

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