Having kids is no reason to remain a single mom

Irina with her husband

Having kids is no reason to remain a single mom.

Don't sacrifice your youth! Don't give up on your personal life for the sake of kids! Don't say No to your happiness because you have children! Don't put on altar your interest, dreams and aspirations because of kids! Don't use these awful words as an excuse for your misery! And don't expect kids to be thankful for all this! Most probably they will not! And most probably they will step into their adulthood with a sense of guilt, fear of loneliness, doubts and insecurity!

There is nothing worse than an insecure, unhappy and eternally tired mother, provoking simultaneously a feeling of pity and diffidence in her children.

I know many women who don't want, are afraid, are doubting and are at awe when they think of: "how would my kids cope with my new partner?" And in order to avoid a horrific and blood shedding encounter, they choose single-hood.

But I am absolutely convinced that most of all in the world children want to see their mom happy, smiling and content with life, with herself and with her offsprings. A happy woman, who loves and who is loved equals to a loving and sane mother.

Even though I was divorced and raised my children alone I knew, that sooner or later I would marry again and my children should be ready for that. I chose not to rely on “hit or miss” scenario and decided to prepare my sons in advance for the future changes.

Having kids is no reason to remain a single mom.

Irina with her son at the wedding

How I actually did it

– I have openly and honestly answered all their questions regarding the reasons why I divorced their father, without going into extremes and without blackening the image and their father

– I have rather quickly realized that undermining the authority or the image of their dad, no matter how hurt I was at that moment, I undermine their own essence, their individuality, even the structure of their DNA. Whether I want it or not even at the level of cells and atoms they are 50% part of their father.

– I never prevented them from seeing their father as often as they wanted and I have always told them that parents were forever and no matter what, their dad would always be their dad even if I got married to someone else. My husband would not substitute their father he would rather become an older friend to them.

Why older friend? In my case, after my divorce the children continued to communicate and keep close relationship with their father, it was the best explanation I could find so as not to traumatize them

They easily accepted the idea of an older friend. It was clear to them and it didn’t raise objection or cause enmity. On the contrary, having an older friend is really cool! He can teach them so many things, he can be their mate and at the same time an example worth following!

Kids have often asked me the same question: “Will I ever marry a person whom they wouldn’t like or who will not accept and love them?” And I have sincerely answered: “No way! I will never marry someone who doesn’t accept my children. We are one family, united and inseparable! The person who will love me, will also love the continuation of me embodied in my children. And this is the only way!”

irina's sons

Plus, I have always tried to give my sons room to express their viewpoint regarding all matter, have taken it into consideration and most importantly, have trusted their opinion. Including their opinion about the person I was in relationship with.

They were absolutely sure that when the time came to accept a new member into our family we would take this decision together.

When I met my future husband my kids were 6 and 9 years old. They accepted him candidly and unreservedly. He immediately became their older friend and he was not claiming any other role. We got married one year later and during that year boys were restless, as they couldn’t wait till we become one big happy family. There was no morbid jealousy, no competition for my attention, no barriers and no ice to be broken.

Today I can wholeheartedly say that blood ties or family ties do not always guarantee love and unity in the family. There are much stronger factors like respect, care and spiritual bond, ability to sacrifice and to meet halfway, desire to grow and to change together!

And this is what I call Family!

  • Written byIrina musuc

    I am a Moldovan living in Netherlands, married to an Italian, bringing up two awesome boys. I have a journalist background and I love writing and sharing my life lessons. I started writing because I felt it was so relieving to write down thoughts, feelings, worries, doubts and lessons I learn every day as a parent. Parenthood is the most rewarding and challenging occupation. I have always struggled to be a good mother. And all I could achieve was coming to a simple conclusion - I am actually not educating my children, but rather my children and I are involved in a process of spiritual growth, where we learn from each other, we succeed, we make mistakes and we change ... together.


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    Thank you for sharing Mitali! You and your family sure have come a long way from the shackles of the old ways.

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    Great job you've done on the article.can't imagine the extreme abuse you've had with your parents and husband. You've done well to separate from it and live in a more positive atmosphere.

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