Green tea or Green coffee- truth versus the hype

Just when the world was getting used to the catechin loaded green tea which was supposedly an easy way to melt belly fat, the world came up with a new fad for weight loss, green coffee. Green tea had become our go-to beverage successfully replacing masala chai and decaf beverages in hopes of embracing a healthier lifestyle. However, what dropped as a shock was the discovery of the green coffee, the newest and fanciest beverage on the block, which through its fancy ingredients claimed to serve more than one purpose therefore successfully cutting down flab and cleaning the urinary tract as a bonus.

A comparison between the two

When the two very fad ingredients started battling it out leveraging the word green in their names, people looking for solutions were thoroughly confused. Here, we bring to you a historical battle between the two very pop-culture beverages:

Green Coffee

Green coffee beans are the unprocessed fruits borne by the coffee plant. They derive their name because the fruit is green in colour and the final product isn’t roasted or processed. The product in the current years has garnered popularity because of its ability to help the drinker shed pounds without much effort.

Benefits of the green coffee bean:

Laden with chlorogenic acid: The beans contain more chlorogenic acid as compared to the roasted counterparts and according to studies, it is believed that this acid is responsible for the weight loss effect as it creates bouts of energy which boosts one’s metabolism. Thus, due to this spike in metabolism, instead of storing fat, the body excretes it.

Caffeine: The caffeine present in green tea is almost similar to the amount present in roasted coffee. This further improves your eupepsia, thus, accelerating the weight loss process.

Other health benefits:

Reduction in cardiovascular diseases: According to studies conducted in 2011, it was discovered that people who drink green coffee, suffer from lesser chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases as the beans are loaded with anti-oxidants which help in preventing heart-related conditions.

Green coffee beans are also promoted for being able to improve storage of fat in the liver better.

Side effects of green coffee:

While the ill effects of green coffee are still being unearthed, it is safe to say that there aren’t any serious ones. However, when taken in unnaturally large doses, it can result in insomnia, restlessness, fatigue, vomiting and minor headaches.

Green Tea

While green tea has been around for quite some time now, we are a little better versed with its benefits. The tea is prepared from the leaves and buds of a plant known as ‘Camellia sinensis’. Green tea, unlike other teas, isn’t fermented; instead, it is prepared by steaming the newly plucked parts of the plant at very high temperatures. Green tea is usually consumed as a beverage but is also being developed as a health supplement and a flavour (in ice creams, slushes, chocolates etc).

Benefits of green tea:

Abundance of polyphenols: Steaming makes green tea special as it enhances the polyphenols present in tea. These polyphenols help in reducing any kind of inflammation or irritation in the body.
The most powerful polyphenol present in green tea is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It is claimed to be 100 times more powerful than vitamin C. ECGC, also known as flavonoid polyphenol or bioflavonoid is responsible for protecting your body from damaging elements. According to thoroughly conducted tests, it was found that EGCG can actually prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells and kills the existing ones. ECGC has also been proven to ward off thrombosis which causes heart attacks and strokes.

Green tea is also rich in caffeine which helps in boosting your metabolism and in turn, stimulating the nervous system. This strengthens the heart and various muscles of the body as the nervous system releases more neurotransmitters.

Other health benefits of green tea include:

As per a lot of studies, green tea is efficient in prevention of diabetes mellitus and leukaemia.
The high anti-oxidant concentration is also very effective in delaying aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Drinking green tea regularly also prevents premature aging of skin,
According to a study conducted by students of University of Philadelphia, green tea improves attention span and concentration and is a powerful ingredient which can lower blood pressure.

Side effects of green tea

Drinking green tea in inadvisable doses can cause problems in the liver. The high caffeine content can result in insomnia and nausea. Continuing to consume the beverage in very large quantities can also cause toxicities in gastrointestinal passage and the renal cavity.

Final verdict

As per the benefits and side effects discussed above, both the beverages are very effective in causing weight loss and adding positive changes to the heath of the drinker. However, according to recent trends, it is found that green coffee is more effective in burning fat as compared to green tea where as green tea offers more health benefits than its competitor.
Most nutritionists and health practitioners advise the consumption of a mixture of both the beverages in small quantities to keep you energised throughout the day and preserve and nourish your health and body better.

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