Finding her calling in the entertainment industry- story of a make up artist

The artist at work

This is an inspiring story of how Bianca Louzado made it big in the make-up industry in India which is daunting and challenging but comes with its own perks.

Bianca Louzado is currently a well-known name in the make-up industry and has worked with a lot of Bollywood stars in the past. Her journey to becoming a successful make-up artist was etched with difficulties and obstacles but only because of her determination and the constant hard work she put in, she could achieve what she has today.

Bianca double majored in Chemistry and food technology and for the longest time aspired to open up a chain of wellness centres all over Mumbai. But, destiny had other plans in store for her as she went on to become a model and later worked as a Video Jockey with Channel V. After a series of careers in the entertainment industry, she decided to explore the career of a flight attendant. That option was short-lived because she soon became a mother to a baby boy. However, flying wasn’t what she intended to do and judging by her frustration towards the job, it was her late father who advice her to do something she is more passionate about.

" I think you should pursue make-up because you are very good at it "

It was his advice which changed her career goals and helped her achieve great milestones in her profession.

Bianca Louzado

Becoming a make-up artist isn’t looked at as a very lucrative career option in India due to a few regressive beliefs the society holds on to. Bianca also had to encounter various struggles as the artists she wanted to assist were sexists and not very happy with the idea of a woman working under them in the same field. So, she decided to build her resume by taking up loads of assignments and doing most of them for free. It was a challenging task as she had to stay on the set for hours together whilst she managed her one-year old toddler simultaneously.

In 2011, a major cervical slipped disc deterred her career growth. Her body was slowly succumbing to pressure and at many points, she wanted to give up but her determination never allowed her to. Bianca staunchly believes, “It is up to you alone to decide when you want to give up”. She didn’t let the physical setback dampen her spirits and continued working hard towards achieving her goal.

At work

Society wasn’t too favourable towards her career choice either. She was continuously reminded about how a career in make-up isn’t sufficient or lucrative enough. But, by not shifting from her focus from her goal, she proved people wrong and worked extremely hard and chose to take up projects that came her way regardless of the budget.

“Today, I am blessed with great work in the industry and can choose my work accordingly. I would say that when I wasn’t established or recognised, I was considered to be just another make-up artist on the block doing regular work. As soon as I started working with A-list celebrities, people started to realise I meant serious business and that slowly brought global recognition.”

Bianca faced another setback in her life when her father passed away. It was a sad affair for her as he always believed in her and egged her on to pursue a career as a make-up artist. Just a week after his demise, she got an opportunity to work with Priyanka Chopra. It was a huge opportunity and what was dearer was that her father always told her that she would be working with famous celebrities, someday. She considered this opportunity to be a sign from him.

There on, her career graph began rising and she started getting calls from various celebrities.
Sania Mirza, the ace tennis player, who Bianca considers more like a friend than a client was one of the propelling factors for her to carve a name for herself in the industry.

She has worked with various stars like Aditi Rao Hydari, Huma Qureshi, Sachin tendulkar, Malaika Arora Khan, Shruti Hassa, Yami Gautam, lisa Haydon, Ravina Tandon and Martina Navratilova. She claims to have had a great experience working with these stars.

Bianca was recently nominated for India’s Top 100 Women Achievers Award which she considers to be a great milestone in her career. As accolades and successes keep coming her way, she pushes herself to work harder and sets new benchmarks to achieve.

She also confesses to not have a single goal which she wants to achieve but a series of goals she wants to conquer. Likes on Facebook make her happy as people are finally a appreciating her work but then again, she reminds herself that there are bigger things in life which she wants to pull off.

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