Festive Dressing; a bit of Razzle Dazzle

The nip in the air, the fragrance of the heady jasmine, the nude trees, the rustle of the saffron autumn leaves all conspire to energize us with back to back festivities.

Festive seasons are  incomplete without the tinkering of candles, the fairy lights, the mouth melting confectionaries, the shopping fervor that you see on the streets of any city you live in, the meeting up with friends and families, and the glitter and the dazzle in the form of jewels and apparel.
Yes, quite the perfect time to indulge in the rituals and customs that promises much magic and memories.

Swirls of soft chiffon.Tulle and lace. Sharp linen sheaths. Soft wisp of cottons that softly cling offering sudden glimpses of flesh beneath. Elegant.Classic.And oh so very feminine. Clothes have such alluring power, don’t they just?
And jewelry. Oh the glitter and the sparkle, the sounds of tinkling bells of the anklets, the filigree craftsmanship of silver neckpieces, the delicately carved antique gold earrings with enamel work on them!

A big part of the festive season is dressing up in our sartorial splendor and bedazzle all. And also let’s not kid ourselves; festivals do give us a reason to wear all that we have painstakingly collected over a period of time. To be a little in love with thyself, a little indulgent to the inner soul.

The fascination of jewelry and clothing is there in every culture. “Go all out with sophisticated bling and a vibrant dress,” recommends a San Diego based lifestyle and etiquette expert. Add more glad tidings with statement accents.
Let nothing deter you from your fabulousness.

Vibrant color hued apparel and sparkling costume jewelry has been trending this year. Costume jewelry is big on everybody’s list these days.
No wonder Salvador Dali once compared memories to jewels saying that, “It is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant.” Costume jewellery looks like the real thing yet it costs a fraction of their original counterparts.

Now the hunt begins for the sartorial possessions. There is virtually a treasure trove to choose from. The stores are well-stocked up with goodies that caters to every taste. There is a giant pool of online portals to choose from, and fairs and exhibitions add to the palette of the happy shoppers. As we nose-dive towards the festive season in breakneck speed, we need to keep a few things on our mind.

A few helpful tips that will keep you “sans souci” to enjoy all out and be there!

● Roll up your blouse/shirtsleeves and go about organizing the ensemble(s) you plan to wear – Rose Quartz, Lilac Greys, Melting Coffee Browns, Aquamarine Hues, Fiery Orange, and Flame Yellows are the color palette to go with

● Tailor/buy well-fitted blouses in neutral shades of gold lame, ivory cream, or silver shimmer to go with the entire gamut of your sari collection

● Accessorize with classy costume jewelry- natural stones, vintage, and antique gold or silver

● Invest on good footwear (that is a must) be it kitten heels,stilettos,wedges, or platforms- we say go with comfort over pinched toes

● Coordinate the erstwhile ensemble with some fancy (doesn’t have to be super expensive) clutch, tote, pouch, or in other words, a bag.

● Style the tresses from a good hair-dresser and don’t forget to get the all-important manicure/pedicure- nothing to beat french nails dusted with a bit of silver or gold shimmer

● Dash off to the spa to get an invigorating massage that will soothe your nerves

● Pose for kickass pictures for that all-important selfie sporting best big smile

Each of us are in tune with our own sense of aesthetics and what suits us.” You don’t have to follow trends”. Absolutely do what appeals to your sensibilities. As Yves Saint Laurent once famously said, “Fashion is transient but style is eternal.”

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