Fashion Trends for Spring Summer 2016

As designer Ralph Lauren once pointed out, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you” So dress up to please yourself.

Listen to your inner muse and create a trajectory that defines early on who you are and your worth to yourself. Every fashion cell in your body is attuned to your not surrendering to external norms and pressures. But in letting go. Being true to who you are, no matter what the world thinks of you.

One of the things we have noticed in the past decade has been the shift to natural fabrics. Earthy hues taking us back to nature. Less of artifice and more of ingenuity. Much of innovation, intuition, and invention happening at most of the design houses. There has been a conscious movement of trying not to harm nature and its inhabitants and use fabrics that draw its roots from organic sources.

Old fashioned Puff Sleeves are back - bringing back nostalgia from yore. They are favored by British designers and popping up they are on the runways, in every catwalk. An interesting side tidbit on this trend- puff sleeves with the modern makeover looks like “leg of mutton”

The Lace in a sexy avatar- the other retro style making a fashion statement is the bashful lace in a darker space. See through and sensual, it is visible on every designer’s runway. The demure lace in certain cultures that personify subtlety is revamped to give a more defiant look. Edgy and bold in its see through avatar, it is making no apologies for what is it.

Rad Raffia it is- The bohemian summary natural weave is perfect for the sweltering summer months. What is different is the way designers are going back to the roots to notch up style with substance. The boho chic is familiarising itself in workplaces too.

Posh in Pink - Time and again this color makes it back on the runway to bring back femininity. Can we ever forget the poise and timelessness of a Grace Kelly in a blush pink gown? Or that most brides globally wear pink wedding gowns, dresses, and sarees on the most important day of their lives? Or that the color pink is associated with breast cancer awareness? From bubblegum pop to ballerina pastels, pink is both a revered and celebrated color. Pink could be sassy too. And playful. And somber.

The Low rise reaches an all-time high - Oh yes, it is back and trending on every runway. The slouchy laid-back drapey style has always been a fashion favorite amongst the millennials. Wear it for an aerobics class or a movie night with friends; you can never go wrong with this below navel hipster look.

The Robe gets a makeover - Oh yes! In the era if Instagram and hashtags, your style quotient can be defined by something you wear for chillin’ on your balcony while sippin’ a glass of chardonnay. When you want refuge in the comforts of your home. Far from the social pressures of dressing up and going out. Listening to music curled up on the comfy sofa in your favorite robe is a thing of the past. Instead robes are being touted as daytime wear on top of a dress or pants.

The Cut Out shoulder - A hot favorite and why not! It achieves the delectable look. It is subtle, it is graceful, and it is feminine. The missing fabric adds allure and abetes both the casual look and the uber formal look. The cut out shows off the bones in the shoulder girdle (clavicles and scapula) splendidly. Be it in an inexpensive top or a designer gown, it achieves the same ROI with equal aplomb.

The mystic of Tie and Dye -Drawing its roots from Asia and Africa, the tie is a centuries old technique of soaking the cloth in dye and then tying it in knots to bring forth dazzling hues of color and the effect of that can be quite startling! The tie-dye forms might vary but the principle remains the same. From Shibori (Japan) to Plangi and Tritik (Indonesia) to Ikkat and Bandhani (India) to Indigo dyes (Africa) and to Mudmee (Thailand) this resist dyeing technique is an all-time favorite with many designers. Exemplifying boho-chic, back to the nature, retro, hippie the tie-dye often wears many hats. From flowy kaftans to long skirts to fitted blouses, and sarees, it has epic mass appeal. Oh and did I forget scarves? They are huge. They sashay into everybody’s closets from celebrities to commoners. One can never have enough of scarves.

So be it for style, career, love life, spring and summer trends offer everyone something. The chance to be unique. To be unconventional, bohemian, charismatic, definitive, or distinctive. Each to her own. And a quote which is so apt in the world we live in today- “A woman has every right to be adventurous”- Kavita Krishnan, Activist.

Ritu Beri looking dazzling in a Cut Out Shoulder gown with the Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra

Author Kakoli Roy in a Tie and Dye Indigo Wrap Around Dress from Anokhi

Kakoli Roy sporting an all pink ensemble designed by her at an awareness of Breast Cancer Fundraiser Event

The gorgeous mom,model, and marathoner Ramya Venkatachalam sporting a heavily embroidered Heeya saree in the hues of pink

Raffa Rad from the famous designer, Jason Wu

Image credit http://nymag.com

Puff Sleeved LBD from designer, Simone Rocha

Image credit http://www.selfridges.com

A model sporting the brand Tibi in their Low Rise Chambray Wide Leg Jeans

Image credit https://www.lyst.co.uk

The Robe Makeover by designer, Givenchy

Image credit https://www.givenchy.com
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