Entrepreneur Tabish Habib – Kashmir’s first business incubation centre

Tabish Habib, 26 year old a major in computers and the founder of Prism Creationz and Thinkpod. She believes; “A true entrepreneur never actually sleeps, his mind will never stop to calculate, re-shape or manage his business. He will stay on his toes to improve and enhance his abilities to become a better businessman with each passing day”.

Prism-Creationz came into being some four years ago and has been moving with a steady pace over these years and has been a mark of creativity in the field. It is into high definition graphics, marketing, designing and off-set printing. Her venture offers a wide range of graphics, multimedia and printing services to its clients.

Tabish had realized the power of graphics, designing and creativity long before she actually plunged into the field. “It was during my classes at the University that I came to know that this field had immense power to change, I majored in UI- Unser interface. The landscape of things either in printed form or on digital platforms fascinated me. There only I decided to take it up and move forward with this idea and things worked in my favor and I was able to realize it in its true colors”.

In three years this young entrepreneur was able to create a space for her business in Kashmir,Jammu and Delhi and with the success of her first venture she thought of creating a platform from youngsters who wanted to start their own business.

In July this year (2016) she started Think-pod which is Kashmir’s first business incubation centre.
“We wanted entrepreneurs and start-ups, who find it difficult to set a venture, to try to provide them with all the necessary things like space, registrations, banking and finances, to provide all these things at one stop. We have tied up with multiple companies”

At a minimal cost Tabish is providing all the necessary ingredients for start-ups.
“In just 3500 rupees a month, we provide the youngsters with space, polishing of ideas and space and most importantly their basic input cost is also arranged with the help of the local banks”

The space is shared by young and budding entrepreneurs from across the Valley, and these interactions help them to learn.“They attend events and come to know about how business is actually done, these kinds of interactions help to strategize their work”.

Tabish meets a lot of young minds daily and after listening to them she decides what and how they can be helped.

“On daily bases five to six entrepreneurs visit us, they discuss their ideas and we sit together and chalk out the future strategies”.At present Tabish has a team of eight people but initially she had to do a lot of hard work to get man power.

“I have a team of eight team, from designers to printing people. But the fact that it’s very difficult to find good quality man power in the field of creative work like mine. Unfortunately there is no course in graphic and designing that would have created more such people, even if there are any they don’t stay in the Valley as they are paid much more outside Kashmir”.

The seeds of her business were sown long back, when she was still a student.
“I used to do freelancing for certain companies as a designer, then I thought why can’t I do it for myself and took certain projects which kind of snow balled and work has been coming to me since then”.

What kinds of forces have kept you going?
“To be honest, in every society there are two kind of people one who will encourage you, and there are those who will mock you. I fortunately met people who criticized me which helped me to grow. It was fortunate to be a girl, I was helped at every step”.

Just like the rest of the Kashmiri parents her family was reluctant in accepting her business choice but with time it all eased out.“Initially my parents were a bit reluctant, but now when they see me working very hard, they know that it’s more than money for me it’s more of a passion. Thanks to Almighty, they are more than supportive”.

Talking about the output, Tabish said, “if you do any business purely for the sake of money, you will never earn, I personally believe that I have earned recognition, I think that is more than money”.

Tabish believes that her work can change the mind set of people about Kashmir.
“Here in Delhi they take Kashmir as a very conservative society, I want to break that taboo and if through my work I am able to do it, it will be an achievement”.

What’s your mantra for success?

“You cannot become a millionaire over night that wealth doesn’t last. The quicker you earn the quicker to lose it. To me consistency is the key”.

She likes to travel, watch movies in her spare time.“I am stubborn, dedicated, committed, and aggressive. I hear clear answers either Yes or No”.

While talking about the biggest hurdles in her four year career, Tabish admits, “The worst thing to work in Kashmir is to convince people. At times the client doesn’t understand that it is a creative work that what they are paying is not near the actual amount they had to pay for it in other parts of India or the world”.

According to her there is a very limited group that have a taste for creativity.

“There is a very limited group that has taste for creativity.People should value creative work, a lot of thought is put in to our work. Appreciation is lacking in the society as is dedicated and honest man power. A set back due to the summer unrest”.

Setting up a printing press and employing more and more people is her long term goal.
“I want to set up a very good state of the art printing press. My plan is to employ more and more people; it’s all about how much you help others”.

  • Written byBaseera Rafiqi

    Baseera Rafiqi is a freelance reporter based in Kashmir. She has been writing since 2012 for various local, national and international portals with a special focus on women, development, health and the environment


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