Crazy careers in food industry you didn’t know existed

Careers in food industry which many of us may find simply crazy, but the truth is they exist and should be taken very seriously.

With the food and beverage industry booming globally, it is only fitting that the number of jobs within it increase as well. The industry has revolutionised in a path-breaking way with a number of food reality shows, cuisine fusions and unique flavour pairings dominating the market. However, to keep up with the increasing pressure to constantly make your food look aesthetic and taste exceptional, even the best chefs require help from people who have chosen to explore the offbeat paths and have managed to make a fortune.

Listed below are a few careers in food industry which you might not have heard about before:

Fortune cookie writer

This job might sound weird but it definitely exists and is growing into a full-fledged career with the increasing popularity of fortune cookies. If you have nice handwriting, creativity and have a sane knowledge of grammar, this job is your calling. To excel in this job, you need to be able to create short, inspiring fortunes which are full of optimism. A few people who have had flourishing careers in this field include Donald Lau, Kay Marshall Storm and Russell Rowland.

Food lawyer

Food being the hot topic of the moment has managed to find its way to the courtrooms as well. Issues related to food vary from using GMO ingredients, sourcing of raw materials, farming and food production, food allergies, patents etc and to deal with these problems, expertise is required and is provided by food lawyers. They may represent a chef, nation, consumer, farmer or even an organisation. The demand for lawyers equipped to deal solely with culinary hassles is steadily increasing as the number of laws related to this sphere are rapidly growing and being modified.

Food Lawyer image credit; vnews.com

Molecular gastronomist

The culinary world has managed to develop its own love affair with science and given birth to variety of dishes which embrace molecular gastronomy.

Molecular gastronomy transforms ingredients chemically and physically to create absolutely unique and delicious masterpieces. The job of a person who excels at gastronomy can range from cooking the final dishes themselves to assisting Michelin-star chefs. Also known as “avant-garde” cuisine, gastronomy is currently very fashionable and so is the job of a gastronomist.

Forager Image credit; marketwatch.com


A forager is someone who is hired by the restaurants to gather unique ingredients which can be used by chefs to create dishes. With restaurants shifting from ordering food to hiring foragers to sourcing ingredients which are unusual, this job option is soon turning into a lucrative, full-time career. Having a forager is useful as they usually understand and know more local ingredients and provide the chef with a whole new set to play around with. To make the food seem more glocal (global+local), a forager’s duties might also include looking for ignored but delicious local items that can be incorporated into a menu.

Dog food Tester

Dog food tester

The job might not sound very good, but, don’t get fooled by the title. It is a high-paying job and requires the testers to have a relevant degree in the field of nutrition. Because most dogs tend to eat everything that is given to them, human beings are employed to test the flavour and texture of the dog food and report it. Most dog food testers also check and modify the nutritional content of the food in order to make it healthy for the dogs.
No one wants their pooch to suffer from food related issues which has enabled testers like Philip Wells, Simon Allison and Miss Postins make a huge fortune.

Fish scaler

This job is exactly what it sounds like. The fishes which are caught need to be scaled before being sent off to the market for selling. The fish scaler’s job includes removing the scales and in most cases, pin-boning and filleting different kinds of fish. It is a messy job as it involves blood and poop but pays well. All you need to get this job is be thorough and quick with your knife and tweezers.

Mycologist Image credit; livenews.com


With mushrooms gaining fame as the hot ingredient of the season and exotic varieties like black trumpet, yellowfoot, nameko, shiitake and abalone dominating the global palette, the work of a mycologist is only increasing. A mycologist is one who has studied fungi in general and can distinguish between different types of mushrooms. A mycologist’s job includes distinguishing between poisonous and edible ones and bringing forth new edible variants for the chefs to experiment with. The “mushroom hunters” usually collect mushrooms to sell to restaurants, individuals or food distributors.

Most of these jobs sound weird and not like something you expected your career in the culinary world to be, but, they are necessary for the industry to progress at the current rate. All these jobs pay well and allow you to carve a niche for yourself as they’re offbeat and intriguing.

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