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Many years ago when I used to be an agile athlete, I tore my ligament on the right knee.  It was a dramatic snap that made me double over in pain. I was in intense misery when my kneecap snapped out of place every time I tried to stretch or run. A major knee surgery was performed. I was on crutches for six months, dealt with extreme pain and a thousand scarred tissues that shriveled the diameter of my leg leaving it absolutely weak and useless.

This happened just before my high  school exams and I was put on strict bed rest. My dad, aware of my rebellious nature sold my bike to restrain me from adventurous treks. I lied and convinced a younger kid in our neighborhood to lend me his bike for exercising, as per the doctor's advice! It was extremely painful to front pedal as I had minimal strength in my muscles. So I tried back-pedaling and somehow urged the bike to move according to my whims and fancies.

I accomplished a decent distance in this awkward fashion almost every other afternoon when my father was away at work and my mother visited the neighbours. This went on a few times while my parents were absolutely unaware! Did I have negligent parents? Absolutely not! I was super sneaky and fooled them big time!

Surprisingly, this little secret adventure strengthened my muscles faster than expected. Unfortunately, just when things started getting better other negative symptoms cropped up. My knee would sprain easily and swell up making me limp for several days. Upon consulting the senior surgeon, I was quickly diagnosed with Osteoarthritis owing to the severe wear and tear of tissues and cartilages from an early age!

back to biking

I was advised to slow down, not to walk long distance, not to stand on my feet for an extended period and most definitely not RUN (my love and passion at the time)!! I was in my late-teens, heartbroken and like most people I eventually succumbed to what was convincingly fed into my mind and soul at the time.
I carried on with usual life, completed my graduation from the University, joined work in Kolkata, fell in love, got married, settled in Canada – all these while the arthritis persisted as a constant nagging reminder. It became a vital part of my existence. For years I lived in pain, got dependent on pills, whined and threw tantrums. I spent endless nights with joint pains, couldn’t do elaborate cooking, tried slow jogging and immediately sprained my ankle or knee. Knee replacement surgery was recommended to end this misery.

Then the Arthritis started spreading like wildfire. My left wrist was so swollen and stiff, it wouldn’t move beyond a certain angle. I needed serious help with opening cans and turning lids. My right shoulder joint was forever painful and stiff. I couldn’t bend my right arm, without having to straighten it out first! Changing two active babies all wiggling limbs several times a day was unbelievably painful!

a happy mom

Then as suddenly as all this began, one day I kind of had this epiphany that awakened my fighting spirit. I told myself that I am not going to let this Arthritis cripple me anymore! Believe in yourself to overcome all odds.
Once again I started going against all advice, stopped the pills and compelled myself to do Yoga and long walks to work my muscles and bones. I absorbed the initial excruciating pain and willed myself to overcome this. Then I stumbled upon an article where modern research findings proved- Arthritis gets better with daily exercising, walks, etc. I told myself “WOW I am on the right track!!”

I continued with Yoga, biking, introduced healthy diet, kept cheerful, and most of all started positive prayers. I put faith in my body’s natural healing capacity and got immensely motivated by several books based on the amazing powers of mind and body healing.

Today, the stiffness in my left wrist is totally gone. I can open the cans and easily turn the lids now. I can actually sit on the floor folding my legs in, a feat that was unimaginable a few years back. I haven’t had a sprain in the recent months. A perfect wonder was last year where I did crazy Christmas shopping in the city’s biggest mall- end to end continuously for about 4 hours. I had a peaceful night and woke up the next morning smiling and pain free. A couple years ago this was unthinkable without resulting into swollen joints, severe pain and sleepless nights! I am now convinced my Arthritis is saying goodbye to me steadily and surely! I love God and my Angels and grateful for the immense faith and willpower that made this miracle possible.

yoga and me

My next goal is to banish my thyroid and a recently diagnosed torn ligament on my right shoulder joint now! How did this happen? From continuous heavy lifting -courtesy my wholesome baby who I had to haul around for the first three years of his life. It could also result from a major fall while mowing the lawn. Who knows!

The doctor mentioned surgery but I refused bluntly. When the prescribed anti-inflammatory gel refused to work, I researched the benefits of ancient essential oils. After massaging my swollen and stiff shoulder with Eucalyptus and Lavender oils I got amazing results. My arm is now much flexible and with less pain and swelling. I won’t be surprised if the torn ligament re-attaches by itself at some point! Got to believe in the magic of the Universe right? Yoga and prayers continue as usual.

The moral: Never give up! Believe in the powers of yourself and the Universe. Lose your medicines. Ask for the miracles. That’s how simple it really is. If I can do it, you can too!!

  • Written byArpita Mazumdar

    I am in love with life! A born romantic and a dreamer. I take every day as a precious gift from Heaven and give it my utmost to make every second of it count. I am passionate about music, cooking, nature photography. I am a super cool and fun mom to my kids.They share every little detail of their tender lives with me. I am chatty and passed this invaluable trait to my sons as well! An avid reader and love to write. Currently writing a fantasy novel. My favourite past time is reclining myself with a peppermint tea watching my favourite TV show. I am a star and moon gazer and am waiting patiently for all the mystical miracles of the Universe to unfold right before my eyes!!


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