Battling midlife crisis? solo travel helps overcome the blues

Battling midlife crisis? Sounds to familiar ?

Do you know exactly what's midlife crisis? Well let’s start with deciphering what a midlife crisis looks like. A phrase too often used without really understanding what it means.

Even though there are two schools of thought which debate its existence, a study claims that almost 70% people between 45-64 years experience the signs. Simply explained, a midlife crisis would be something in which a person experiences constant loss of identity and self -confidence while approaching the older years. The crisis is psychological and can be fuelled by natural factors like aging, job stagnancy and unstable relationships or by induced factors like comparison, longing for an alternate life and continuous reminder of lack of self-worth. If not detected in time, it can become chronic and turn into depression, distress and anxiety.

If the signs are read, it is easy to detect to this crisis as most people going through it exhibit similar symptoms. A deep sense of remorse or guilt with pangs of anxiety is the most common sign followed by a fear of humiliation amongst peers. Other signs which might point towards a crisis include a heightened libido or lack of libido, unnatural longing for youthfulness and undertaking drastic steps to portray oneself as young and bottling up emotions while preferring to stay alone. Even though there is no cure to this psychological issue, it is believed that motivation can pull a person out of such a crisis and help them focus on the positive aspects of their life. However, one way you can choose to tackle the crisis is by travelling and seeing places you never have before. When you travel solo, you tend to lose inhibitions and be more in tune with yourself and this will in turn help you pull yourself out of the crisis.

Here’s why you should solo travel through a crisis:

No Pressures

When you embark on a solo trip, you will not be carrying the pressure of family or a spouse which will help you plan the adventure as per your needs. It can be anything from deep sea diving with whales to visiting quaint villages, but the trip has to mean something to you. Even if you get lost, you know you can find your way back and what is more fulfilling than knowing that you haven’t completely lost it?
Through the trip, you will be more aware of what you actually want in life and your dreams for the near and far future and you will get a lot of time to introspect. Make the most of this time and you can be assured that most of your doubts will be answered.

Fresh Perspective

Simple things like being able to buy your meals twice a day when you see people fighting over a piece of bread is enough to help you gain a new perspective on things you previously overlooked. When you go to a completely new place and see the culture and lifestyle there, you are bound to imbibe a sense of vibrancy and be equipped with invigorating creativity to pursue new activities or the same old ones with a new zeal.

Going to a new place might also help you realise you’re calling in life; for example, you might learn that cooking makes you happy and all you need to do is incorporate this activity in your daily life.

Experience the discomfort zone

This is bound to happen as you meet to unfamiliar people and are forced to strike a conversation with them. Listening to people’s stories will help you attain a broader purview of matters and find solutions to the problems you are facing. Once the feeling kicks in that you’re liked by strangers, you are more likely to lose self-doubt and embrace your individuality whole-heartedly.

Even though it might sound far-fetched and philosophical, you should try and go on a relatively unplanned trip as it will shatter your bubble and introduce you to the million problems people/countries/families face. Taking the risks in your trip will aid you as you face a few challenges in your daily life.

Travel we think is a great way to fight and emerge victorious through a midlife crisis.

To help you plan your trip better, we have a few options from the adventurous and peaceful range to explore yourself better:

Do an adventurous activity you’ve never done before: It could be anything from bungee jumping to climbing the Himalayas. If you’re afraid of something, it is always better to try and pursue an activity in that sphere as it will remove fear from the root and help you become a stronger person mentally.

Travel without a plan: There needn’t be any have to dos. Just let yourself go. Choose a city and be part of the locals. Try to make friends, sit down for a coffee with a local, Watch the city go by,walk around and discover local fun spots. Go to a local pub,eatery. Do nothing special and you will land up doing a lot more.

Reconnect with your inner peace: If you are not a sucker for adventure, it is completely fine. You can choose to pursue peaceful and conventional activities while seeking yourself. A few ways to attain peace in the discomfort zone could be achieved by living in monasteries, learning about a new religion or culture, practicing yoga, volunteering with the less-fortunate or simply exploring a new place.

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    Runner’s world -welcome to health positivism and a fitter you

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