Basics of Pitching -a good pitch needn’t sell anything

Nathalie Mangelaars is also known as the ‘Pitch Queen’ eight years ago she won several pitch competitions with her first startup. When others started asking her for help with their elevator pitch, she enjoyed it so much that she decided to be a fulltime pitch coach. Over the years Nathalie has trained over 4000 people. The key to success is to have a good pitch and a structured content, but also to find a pitch style that’s suits your personality.

Nathalie explains what Pitch is all about

The potential of women entrepreneurs is enormous. Unfortunately, many female entrepreneurs are too modest to tell others what their talent is or to show the achievements of their company. These suggestions will help you gain confidence in showcasing your talent and attracting the interest of a potential client or investor!

A good pitch does not sell anything

Often people think that a pitch is a one-way presentation for selling their products. This is a misunderstanding. “A pitch is not a monologue, but the start of a dialogue.” A pitch is often referred to as a ‘sales pitch’. But, how often do you decide to buy something important in 30 seconds? Right, never!

Still, you do know when the other person captures your attention. When preparing your pitch it is good to ask yourself: “How can I make the other person enthusiastic and eager to learn more?” Once you have triggered their curiosity, people will approach you for more information. At this moment the business relation starts.

Your pitch is about the needs of the other

People listen to you when they feel that you understand their needs. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person. How can your talent help them to achieve their goals? Why is your idea or business relevant to them? Look and tell it from their perspective

Make it personal!

People do business with people. Therefore, be personal! This makes it easier to get the connection. Experience the difference in this example:
“I run a tax accountancy firm with over 40 employees. We know everything about taxes which makes us the best in our field”,
“At my company, we love something that most entrepreneurs dislike: Taxes! Every day we crack numbers and read the law with great detail in order to advise our clients in the best way. I am proud that my team has already grown to 40 employees.”

Preparing a good pitch is a lot of work. Take in these recommendations, write down your pitch and practice it out loud. Please note that your pitch is not “finished” in one try. See how others respond to your pitch: “What kind of questions do they ask? Do they need more clarification on some elements? Which elements really grab their attention?”. You can use this information to improve your pitch over and over!

  • Written byNathalie Mangelaars

    Nathalie is known as the ‘Pitch Queen’ (www.pitchqueen.nl). For the last two years she has given the main stage to other entrepreneurs with a great pitch by organizing the Dutch Elevator Pitch Championship. An event that is well received by its visitors but also in the media.Twitter: @pitch_queen Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pitchqueen/


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