Are you neglecting Self-care? Think again

Gone are the days when self-care was treated as a vestigial task which requires time and resolution to accomplish. With 2019 ushering in, a new and empowered focus has been laid on mental health and the concept of happiness and self-care emerged as a potent by-product of self-love. It might seem like a word which is a responsibility but in reality, self-care is a term which encompasses all activities pursued in order to achieve mental and physical well-being and banish any form of burnout or qualms one holds towards their existence.

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”-– Lalah Delia

A few ways you sub-consciously engage in self-destructing behaviours are by skipping your basic needs/wants, not breaking free of the autopilot mode and not doing activities that you actually like. It is crucial that you identify these activities you immerse yourself in habitually and try and break out of the vicious cycle.

Self-care is an easy process of incorporating a few activities in our daily, busy lives which help us strive towards being the best possible version of ourselves. You can follow these simple but effective ideas make self-care a part of your routine:

Get out

All of us are guilty of spending too much time indoors which restricts us from breathing the natural air and giving our brains enough time to rejuvenate. Whenever, you take a break from mundane tasks, it is recommended that you take a walk or just sit in nature’s lap with moments of silence. To take things one notch higher, you can also try exercising outdoors which has been proven to combat stress and depression.


Enough stress can’t be laid on the power of hydration. It cleanses your body of toxins and helps in rejuvenating your internal and external organs. Concepts like water memory and water therapy are being increasingly focused on currently only to show the power of the most consumed beverage. Thus, it is always a great idea to gulp some big sips mindfully each time you feel pangs of stress.

Fragrance therapy

Light a few scented candles or change the fragrance in your room using aromatherapy oil to elevate your mood instantly and relieve stress. Lemon oil is known to have antidepressant qualities while lemongrass has been proven to soothe nerves. If you are looking for other options, a few great ones include Sage, which regulates hormones and relieves menstrual cramping, Eucalyptus which is popular for cleaning up the air and repelling bugs or Sweet orange which reduces anxiety and reinstates vigour.

Retail therapy

Shopping has, unfortunately, been touted as a capitalistic activity but we often ignore the benefits it has to offer. For an hour or more, it helps in diverting your mood. Just by purchasing something new, you can lift your mood and combat signs of mild depression


Staring into a screen all day can strip your eyes of moisture and dull your brain. To combat the monotony and dreariness, it is advised that each day for an hour, you shut off all your gadgets, preferably before going to bed. Use this time for other activities like talking with family, taking your pet out for a walk or pursuing any hobby you like.

Turn the volume up

Music is an instant mood lifter and listening to your favourite tunes will help you forget your problems. Crank up the volume and have a mini-dance party with yourself. Dancing is a form of heart therapy and will let you establish a relationship with yourself void of third-party judgements.


If you can’t maintain a journal listing down each activity, it is fine. As long as you can channel your frustrations onto a paper and not people around you, you will be fine! You should try writing down everything corresponding to negativity, self-doubt and guilt to relieve yourself of the mental burden. In this way, you can acknowledge the negative aspects but not allow it to become a dominant force guiding your life.


The power of meditation is slowly unravelling itself to the world. Letting your chakras align while you try and focus on your inner strength isn’t an easy task as our minds are programmed to multi-task. Simply chanting “Om” for five minutes each day is a great starter too. Mediation offers an array of benefits including self-discipline, stress relief, reducing anxiety, promoting emotional health and improving sleep quality.
To understand and learn meditation better, try Yoga.

While these activities are effective methods of indulging in self-care, you need to understand that it isn’t a one-time thing. Self-care is a process you need to consciously and effectively fuse into your life to extract maximum benefits and moreover, start loving yourself more.

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”– C. JoyBell C.

  • Written byNiharika Nandi

    Niharika Nandi is a media trainee who loves exploring the fields of photography and baking simultaneously. She’s a self-proclaimed professional bathroom singer and believes that caffeine runs through her veins. This adrenaline junkie loves to pen down a million thoughts gushing through her mind at any instant and is very vocal about LGBTQ rights.


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    Runner’s world -welcome to health positivism and a fitter you

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