How Sunscreens help you to counter aging ?

Paula Begoun is The Cosmetics Cop, a name Oprah Winfrey gave her. Paula and her research team have written 21 books on beauty including her best-selling series Don’t Go To the Cosmetics Counter Without Me. Paula also launched Paula’s Choice Skincare in 1995.In this article Paula Begoun explains Anti-aging starts with Sunscreens

Any antiaging skincare routine must include the daily application of a broad spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater. It is the #1 anti-wrinkle, anti-dark spot, anti-sagging product you can use—and you should be using it every day, even if the sun isn’t shining.

The best sunscreens also include a potent, effective array of antioxidants, skin-restoring ingredients, and hydrating ingredients appropriate for your skin type. That way, you only need one morning moisturizer, not two.

Why Sunscreen is So Important

The best anti-aging skincare routines includes perfectly formulated cleansers, toners, exfoliants, serums, eye creams and moisturizers. These are all vitally important for younger, healthy-looking skin BUT none of these products replaces the need for daily sun protection. The benefits these products provide just won’t work the way you want without the sun protection step. We can’t stress this enough: Don’t forget daily sunscreen or your skin will suffer the consequences!

Sunscreen use is needed 365 days of year because the sun isn’t just damaging your skin when the sky is clear. The UV light emitted by the sun steadily and silently hammers away at skin year-round whether it’s cloudy or raining. Leaving your skin unprotected against this assault results in all the signs of aging you want to avoid—and you won’t feel the damage taking place!

What if you already have wrinkles and dark spots from years of unprotected sun exposure? Research has shown that it’s never too late to start protecting your skin. In fact, people with sun damaged skin (and that includes all of us) who started using a broad spectrum sunscreen later in life saw a noticeable reduction in every visible sign of aging.

No matter your age, daily sunscreen use is the foundation of a brilliant anti-aging skincare routine.

Sunscreen Tips You Must Remember

OK, you’re ready to add a sunscreen to your daily skincare routine. A key factor is to find one that you love and will look forward to applying—and that takes experimentation.

Here are some tips on how to find the best sunscreen for you plus how and when to apply it:

• Any sunscreen you choose should be labeled broad spectrum, meaning it protects skin from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays; UVA rays are present all day long, year-round, and, unlike UVB rays that cause sunburn, you don’t feel UVA damaging skin.

• If you think you don’t need sunscreen because you spend most days indoors, consider this: UVA rays penetrate windows and can harm your skin even if you’re in your home, car, or office. Sun damage begins the first minute your skin sees daylight, even if it’s cloudy outside.

Only purchase sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater. That is the minimum rating recommended by most dermatologists and medical boards worldwide.

• Apply sunscreen liberally to the face, neck, and chest area, if it will be exposed to daylight. Spread a layer you can see, and then massage it into the skin. Allow a few minutes for it to absorb before applying makeup.

• For the face, you don’t need to use a “beach” sunscreen; instead, look for a facial moisturizer with built-in sun protection, which provides hydration and a mix of beneficial anti-aging ingredients.

• Choose a facial moisturizer with sunscreen based on your skin type: If you have dry skin, look for a cream; oily skin, look for a gel or fluid sunscreen; combination skin, look for a gel or lotion texture.

• Antioxidants are a sunscreen’s perfect partner: They work with the sunscreen ingredients to further defend skin from environmental assault. Superstar antioxidants to look for in sunscreens include various forms of vitamins C and E, green tea, soy, grape, and pomegranate, among others.

Sunscreen is always the last skincare product you apply during your morning routine. Applying other skincare products over sunscreen will dilute its effectiveness.

We’re big fans of layering sunscreens to ensure you get the best protection possible. As an example, apply facial moisturizer with sunscreen, follow with a primer that contains sunscreen, and finish with a foundation and/or pressed powder that provides additional sun protection.

Paula Begoun

It all started when Paula was very young trying to take care of her own problem skin that progressively got worse in spite of the professional help sought. Acne, super-oily skin along with debilitating eczema over 60% of her body at the age of 11! She tried numerous options but all led to disappointment. In early adulthood after working as a makeup artist to send herself through university she came to the realization that most skincare claims were either seriously misleading, just plain wrong, or at best delusional. Determined and resolute to find out the truth about skin and skincare—it became a compulsion eventually leading her to take her first steps into a career in the world of cosmetics.
It was by no means a straight path, and she had no idea that it would lead to where she is today. She knew she was on a personal pursuit, which eventually became a global mission, and she never wavered from that mission through¬ out all the years she has been doing this.
“I didn’t want anyone to go through what I went through ever again. In looking over my evolving career, I believe I’ve accomplished much of what I set out to do. But I’m not quitting! There’s still a lot of work and research yet to be done and this blog continues my lifelong work” Paula Begoun

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