5 Unusual fad diets that can work wonders!

A fad diet is an eating plan which guarantees weight reduction or/and other points of well-being and are mostly carried out by exceedingly prohibitive or strange food choices. Celebrities support these diets, which is the main reason for the popularity and advocacy of these eating plans. Many health nutritionists around the globe are of the opinion that such diets which result in dramatic weight loss in minimal time are unhealthy and will only make you gain back all the lost weight in very less time. Fad diets are suitable for people who are looking to lose weight fast for a specific occasion or an event like before weddings and for a role in a movie/play.

Reasons for the popularity of such diets

There are very diverse views over the efficiency of such diets. Even though, they are labelled as unhealthy by most dieticians and health practitioners, they continue to be extremely popular. In today’s world, there are conventions attached to how a body should look and to achieve the image portrayed of the “perfect body”, people succumb to pressure and choose to try such extreme eating plans. Another reason why they are increasingly popular is because of the kind of people who swear by them. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox and Brooke Shields have claimed that these diets have helped them lose weight which adds to the diets’ credibility.  

A few fad diets which are trendy and known to work wonders

A choice between adopting a healthy lifestyle with intake of food in moderation and exercising or going on a fad diet entirely depends upon the individual looking to lose weight. However, because they are so much in vogue now, we have got you the most popular fad diets that people around the globe follow when they need a quick fix.

The Grapefruit juice diet

This 12-day diet is a celebrated one in which the person following it needs to accompany meals with 8oz of grapefruit juice. The portions of the food needs to small and laden with protein. The dieters can eat boiled/steamed chicken, tofu or veggies. However, for the diet to work, it is necessary that the calorie count of the entire day should remain well below 1000 so that one can lose up to 10lbs depending upon how strictly you follow it. Grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C but there are no evidences stating that it can burn fat. Instead, it is believed that the restrictive nature of the diet is the main reason why people lose weight instantly.

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The Cabbage soup diet

Jaime Pressly claims to have lost 32 lbs by simply sticking to this cabbage soup diet for a week. In this week, you need to ditch the variety and depend on limp and bland cabbage soup for your meals. Since, this fad diet is low on nutrients and proteins, it is advised that one shouldn’t follow it for more than seven days. This diet is marketed as a catalyst for imperative drop in pounds, after which, the dieter is suggested to take a normal route of eating healthy to maintain the new weight.

Master cleanse

This is a celebrity favourite as Beyonce, Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway and Salma Hayek swear by its benefits. Master cleanse is an extremely difficult diet where one needs to let go of all cravings and sustain 10 days only on a concoction of lemon water, cayenne pepper and raw honey. Apart from dropping pounds instantly, this diet is also known to flush out the toxins from your body and reduce the craving for sugar. Once, you are done with this diet, you need to be extra careful about what you eat as you tend to put on weight very fast due to low metabolism.

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The cotton ball diet

Started in the modelling fraternity, this fad diet has to be the most bizarre one ever. People on this diet consume nothing but five cotton balls dipped in orange juice when they’re hungry. It works on the principle “if you aren’t consuming any food, you can’t put on weight”. However, this diet doesn’t have too many fans outside the modelling industry because the cotton balls are seen as unhealthy and consuming them can cause blockages in your digestion tract and cause malnutrition and loss of hair over a period of time.

The Hollywood 24-hour miracle diet

What could sound better than dropping 5lbs in 24 hours? All one needs to do to lose these extra pounds is consume only a particular kind of juice and water throughout 24 hours. Because the calories are restricted to only 400, your body drops weight very quickly. Some people have also taken this diet one step further and observed it for two days to lose double the amount of weight. This diet might be dangerous as it results in a serious drop in blood sugar levels and fatigue.

Healthy and balanced lifestyle still remains the best choice but if a quick fix is required, in case that’s doable, better to seek professional advice than go by celebrity endorsed commercials!

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