5 Summer Destinations which will spoil you for choices

Botswana river cruise

Just like winters are meant for working hard and relaxing in the cosy cocoon, summers are for getting out and soaking up the sun in a new summer destination whilst you still can. While the sun might prove to be bothersome in some countries, you always have the option of escaping to cooler and more happening countries for a much-needed break from your mundane life. The destinations we choose to feature are all hip and a few consist of snow capped mountains which will be a respite from the blazing sun this vacation.

Here are top 5 summer destinations which you absolutely must add to your bucket list:

Botswana Africa

The best time to visit this small but naturally rich country in South Africa is between May to August when everywhere else the scorching heat of the hot season is almost unbearable. The abundance of natural beauty of this country is what appeals to people the most; however, during most months of the year, it suffers from an acute problem of drought. In May, Botswana receives rainfall which fills up the water bodies and makes it the best time to be able to go on a boat safari and appreciate the wilderness of the rainforests. The huge array of fauna consisting of giraffes, elephants, leopards and countless birds is definitely going to connect you back to terra. The visual appeal of the diverse flora around will be a assuagement from the concrete jungles.

Summer in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of Sweden makes a wonderful summer destination for solo travelers. The city is extremely safe and welcoming to tourists and the best time to visit the much-appreciated Scandinavian country is from May to July. The vibrant culture of Stockholm will bowl you over in no time and you will soon find yourself enjoying your own company at quaint cafes with a coffee and a book. Hitting the coast when you are there is a must to relish on the fresh shellfish and seafood produce that the fishermen and local beach shacks have to offer. If you are looking to devote sometime to yourself this summer and indulge in soul-searching, Stockholm might just be the city you were looking for.

The Republic of Fiji, Oceania

While there is no bad time to visit the islands of Fiji, a lot of travellers prefer exploring the unique Fijian culture in the summer months between May-July. These islands have been ranked to have the second most relaxing beaches in the world and the third best destination to visit during summers for laid-back and relaxed holiday. Fiji is your perfect getaway to a tropical beach with glistening blue waters, clean beaches and luxurious hotels to relax in. For all the adventure junkies out there, the beaches offer a variety of water sports to hike up your adrenaline. While you are in Fiji, discover the unique Indo-Fijian culture at the Fiji Museum and witness a firewalking show where natives from the island of Beqa walk on scalding stones barefoot to please the Fire God.


Kashmir, India

While the rest of the tropical regions in the country are suffering from immense heat and loo, the state of Kashmir, rightly called the “Heaven on Earth” still maintains cool temperatures and on higher altitudes, glitter the snow-capped mountains. Ladakh, the Himalayn wonderland, is one part of Kashmir which hasn’t been in turmoil and is extremely safe for women and families to visit. The Indo-Buddhist culture of Ladakh will mesmerise you with its cultural impact where as the uninhabited streets of the ethereal city will fuel the artist in you.
If you are the adventurous kind, Kashmir should definitely be on your travel list because of the number of treks available around that region. The frozen river trek is considered to be the most strenuous and challenging in the list but most travellers have labelled it to be life altercating.


Mykonos, Greece

This Greek group of island is fondly nicknamed as the “island of winds” and have often been touted to be one of the best destinations to visit in the summer months with friends or family. The economy of Greece hasn’t really affected he tourist spots and the charm of these islands continue to attract a huge number of travellers and tourist from Asia and North America each year. Summers are when Mykonos is most lively with wine tasting sessions and cheese festivals. Kopanisti Mykonou, a salty and spicy cheese made from Sheep’s milk, is used to adorn the appealing cuisine in these islands. The Folklore museum is a must-visit as it consists of artefacts from the Greek War of Independence and gives you a sneak peek into the overlooked heritage of Greek culture. While lounging here, the other places you need to include in your to-see list are Little Venice, Kato Myli (windmills) and Psarou beach which is famous for wild parties.

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