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Our Frontcover is all about the power of stories, it showcases stories from around the world.  Those that remain untold but can touch a cord. Stories of unsung heroes, social entrepreneurs, start -ups, artists, conservationist, writers and musicians. Stories of change makers, out of box thinkers and restless souls who believe in shaking up the society. Those that  inspire and provoke and have the power to start a debate in society. Stories that make a difference!

Here we are undiluted, unedited and those that do not always make it to mainstream media.

How it started– It was my idea, to give a life to the different narratives in our everyday life. It is a reflection of my values, my dreams, my inspirations. My desire to speak out loud without the fear of being muffled. To tell the world around me I am no less, I am equal to him and I should have every opportunity to grow and prosper.

I curate every article you read here, they are sourced from contributors from across the globe; representing different cultures, professions and social backgrounds. I try to talk about a variety of subjects. I have often been advised to narrow the focus but that’s too boring. Life is an enormous easel & I want to splash the colours at will.

Before starting OFC, I had a career spanning over 20 years in supply chain management and new business development. No I am neither a journalist, nor a writer, though sometimes I do put my thoughts on paper. I love a hearty meal and a good glass of wine.

I want to share and inspire. I believe if you want you can, I see the rainbow while its still raining.

Submissions to OFC; If you are interested to contribute your stories send them to; [email protected]

Our Frontcover especially wants to encourage entrepreneurs, students,thinkers, homemakers and anyone who is concerned about society its problems and is eager to share their views and thoughts. If you have something to say feel free to reach out.

To keep this going the support of readers is crucial. Like, follow and share the stories. If you feel stimulated and truly touched maybe you will think of a small donation. It will be a recognition of the time and resource me and many others spend for  this labour of love; Storytelling

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