It was the Summer of 2015.

Late one  night, sitting at her table in Amstelveen, a sleepy town in the outskirts of Amsterdam, She decided  to start an online publication to showcase stories from around the world. Stories that remain untold but can touch a cord. She wasn’t too worried how far it will go, it was important to give the story a life. Stories of unsung heroes, social entrepreneurs, start -ups, artists, conservationist, writers and musicians. Stories of change makers, out of box thinkers and restless souls who believe in shaking up the society. Stories that inspire and provoke, those that start a debate in society. Stories that make a difference! Our FrontCover   was born on November 2015.

Then They joined.

Together they took it forward. They believe in the power of stories. They believe in- if you want, you can.They are upbeat and optimistic; they see the rainbow while it’s still raining. They love a hearty meal and a good glass of wine. The want to share, inspire and spread the positivity. They help make it a headline in Our FrontCover.

Our Team

Who we really are?

Our Partners